Tuesday 21 February 2012

Weekend Ramblings | Let it be enough.

I'm guilty of it. Pretty much each and every day. Worrying about whether I'm doing enough, getting enough, being enough.... There's such a fine line between striving for more (a good thing, I feel) and never giving oneself the space to be satisfied, and content, in what you have and are for the time being...

So, today I choose...
...my gym attendance is enough (well, maybe not that ;) )
...the gear I have is enough, and it will be a joy patiently working and waiting to get the items I have fallen in love with
...the bookings I have are enough
...the amazing clients I have are MORE than enough (ya'll rock in a may-jah way!!!)
...the shooting & editing tricks and methods I've learnt are enough

Most of all...being head over heels in love with photography, and love, is ENOUGH to get me through.

And the rest? Well, I get a feeling that the good ol' Man  Upstairs is gonna take care of that ;)

Last thought: to be satisfied, content and in the moment is the best.feeeling.in.the.world....


  1. Beautiful Tiffs. Love that gorgeous dress and spin!

  2. Oh you beautiful thing you! I love this post and I especially love the photos. You are precious indeed! And definitely enough :)