Wednesday 22 February 2012

Joy | Part 2 | Strand Beach

You for sure won't have forgotten this wee madam after her ballerina princess shoot :) We also hit up the beach in Strand for some more photies - the magic of a beautiful little girly exploring the beach is something incredibly special :)

Joy wanted to collect ALL the beautiful shells on the beach ;) 

There were too many to choose from closer to the water!

Toesies and coooold water!!

Magical kiddo feet :)

Joy and her mama Terri built a beautiful shell castle with 2 moats ;)

Can't tell you how much I love these spinning shots!

Wave jumping!

A squinty-smoochy kiss for mama


How beautiful is Strand beach?

Storm cloud awesomeness.

Precious little gorgeous angel!

Such exhilaration jumping on a castle!

Butterfly shell.

Ooh these wisps of hair are literally too much to handle!

This is what the kiddos do when they've HAD IT with the camera pokery!

Am a lash addict much!


  1. Really gorgeous. Love them, Beryl

  2. Aunt Terri, I love all of these! I wish I could be there! Glad you are having fun! Love always!