Sunday 19 February 2012

Princess Joy | Kiddos | Stellenbosch Home

Joy is my baby second cousin :) She's now a wee lass of 4yrs old and is incredibly precious, with her blonde blonde hair and bright blue eyes :) When I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she responded 'a princess' and if you ask me, she's well on her way already :) Her are some pics I snapped of her around the house, this girl has ENERGY!

Princess twirls :)

A sleeping princess :)

Perfectly pointed ballerina toes :)

Eyelash perfection :)

BLUE sparkling eyes :)

Peekaboo through a tutu!

Giggles... ;)

Upside down!

Hiding ;)

I bet her she couldn't balance the pillow on her head ;)

Fingers and toes.

Kitty love and then realizing it results in much fur loss

Bounces and a cheeky face ;)


At this point she was trying to hide from the camera - I told her it'd still 'catch' her eyes through the chair and she didn't believe me ;)

Princess on a Throne to end with :)