Sunday 29 January 2012

Weekend Ramblings | A Cat Fell Through the Roof! And Honesty. some of you may or may not know, by night and weekend I am a photographer :) But weekdays, 7h30 - 16h00 I kick off my glass slippers and work as an Occupational Therapist. In a government hospital. Say whaaaat?? No, I'm not tripping out, my two careers are very dissimilar, but I like to think that is a reflection of my diverse (perhaps crazy!?) personality :) Now, I don't write a whole lot about my life as an OT on this blog (trust me, you should come chat to me, I have stories that'll wake you weep tears of laughter, and some that may break your heart a little) but really, some stories are too good not to share!!

Last week at work I was happily doing computer admin when my colleagues and I heard wild shrieking from the waiting room - I jumped up to open the door to absolute mayhem. Patients leaping onto chairs, massive shrieking and black blur darting around the room. I looked up to see a rather sizable hole in the ceiling tiles, and then the black blur slowed down enough for me to see that it was in fact a cat. A small, petrified, wide-eyed little creature who then promptly hurtled head-on into one of our glass doors. I made a swipe at his legs on his return run and managed to unbalance him enough to grab him and ferry him outside (getting a little scratched in the process). So all was well. But, importantly - HOW DOES A CAT FALL THROUGH A CEILING??? Not even going to ask... ;) But it's been giving a me a darn good giggle every day since ;) Isn't life funny like that? I like a good 'cat through the ceiling' moment every once in a while to liven things up a little bit ;)

War wounds ;)

And then....on a rather more serious note, I've been thinking a lot lately about honesty, being open with people, sharing, boundaries. Now you're thinking 'eeeew what's with all the heavy stuff after the cat story??'. I want to share this struggle and process because it's REAL. Dreams don't generally happen over night - they take long hard hours of work, struggling, mistakes, small successes to build them. And of course a generous sprinkling of blessings and support. What I didn't realize when I fell in love with wedding photography was that I would also become a small business owner. And as the owner of my business, I am responsible for everything related to it. That scared me when I realized it. A lot. Because guess what that means? Sometimes you have to make decisions based on what's best for your business, and that can be a tough call to make. Things like how you spend your precious time, to the relationships you build, to the things you invest your hard-earned money in, networks you're part of, you're in charge of every. single. decision. Now I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely a person who wants to give to people as much as possible, whether it's my friends, family etc. - I want to please people. And whilst that's a good thing in and of itself, it's tough when you have to be the bad guy, when you have to call something out, or disappoint someone. It's not a good feeling. BUT, what I've realized is that running your business well actually puts you in a better position - to serve your clients, to share with other people, even just interactions, it's all positively affected when you're making the right decisions to keep your business healthy :)

So here's to doing the right thing :) To building things through sweat, love and tears. To sharing the struggle. To the people who support and love you :) And to dreaming, and dreaming BIG :)


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  1. Having your own business is really daunting and you have to be totally committed. But anyone can see you are -100% committed. You have crossed the first and biggest step and passed!
    I had my own (home-based) business for a few years and it was hard, even harder because it wasn't my passion.
    Second hurdle you have overcome-having your own business that you LOVE doing! So many of us would love to do that, so kudo's to you Tiffs!
    Have an awesome day and funny about the cat!! Weird!!