Thursday 26 January 2012

Ally, Rob & The Twins | Baby Bumps | Groot Constantia

You know it's a small world when you end up photographing people who lived across the road from you for 3yrs without even knowing it! Seriously, Ally & Rob lived right across from where hubs and I now live - craziness!

I was so excited when Ally contacted me for a shoot - this absolutely gorgeous lady gave birth to twins just two days after our shoot! Not that you would even tell that there were two babas in her beautiful tummy - what a picture of grace, loveliness and calm :) If I look even half as good as Ally when I have my own babas one day, I'll be eternally grateful :) And Rob is the sweetest doting husband and dad-to-be, graciously putting up with my instructions and a camera pointed at him ;)

We did their shoot at the lovely Groot Constantia - where there are a thousand beautiful nooks and crannies - we were rather disappointed though that the white ducks had been penned away for the afternoon, would've made for some great 'action' shots ;)

But seriously, I feel so privileged to have gotten to capture the love, suspense, expectancy and joy between these two - they are going to be the most amazing parents :) Thank you Rob and Ally for the privilege of your time and sharing a glimpse into your lives :)

Love the white gables all around Groot Constantia :)

So much love :)

Nothing more beautiful than laughter and smiles!

Such tenderness - made my heart so very happy :)

Now WOW, Ally's eyes are absolutely beautiful right? And Robs'! The kids are going to be gorjiss!

I think Rob loved posing for these - didn't have to look at the camera ;)

Ally all gorgeous, Rob all suave :)

Love love the colors here :)

And just because upside down and above shots are always simply lovely :)

Due date :)

Such beauty!!

The light was so perfect :)

Ally has the most contagious laugh :)

Like I said - gorjiss eyes!!!!!

And more :)

Tried something a little different - and quite like how it turned out :)

The beautiful vistas :)

Love their love :)

Felt so bad when it turned out this gate was spider infested! But love this image :)

Oh Ally you are beyond lovely :)

More suave and loveliness :)

Hehe, these were SO cheesy but loved Rob's expression!

This was hubby's idea - and love how these came out :)

And I'll end off with this one - I love how in the moment they look - them and their babas-on-the-way :) Such love :)


  1. Tiffs, Let me be the first to comment on my own photos. I have tears in my eyes... These shots really capture the promise and excitement we had for the miracle that has become our lives over the past 12 days. Thank you for immortalizing those moments, and we look forward to following up with photos of Annabelle and Dominic once they're settled at home!
    Love, Ally and Rob

  2. WOW - These photos are truly special. You have really captured both Ally and Rob's personality so beautifully. I am so so proud of my sister and brother-in-law, and now I have two more reason's to be super proud. Looking forward to part two - with little Annabelle and Dominic.

  3. You outdo yourself every time Lady! I love this beautiful photo shoot. Such promise and love in these photos!
    My fav has to be the b&w one of them lying on the grass on their backs with the avenue of trees in the background, then the b&w sillouhette one. But they all gorge!

  4. Such precious moments. Beautifully captured!

  5. Tiffs, thanks so much for the gorgeously packaged cd of our photos. I liked it so much I blogged about it:
    Thanks again and we'll be in touch. x Ally