Sunday 11 December 2011

Weekend Ramblings | Jasmine Star, Faith & The 'Right' Client

About 6 months ago I stumbled onto the website of Jasmine Star, a USA-based wedding photographer. And I was instantly hooked. I devoured her entire website and blog in the space of one sitting, much to my husband's dismay who could've thrown a book at me and I wouldn't have noticed ;). Soooo much of what she wrote was what I needed to hear just then. And in following her work I am most grateful for the fact that her example set me free. It set me free from the imaginary expectations and constraints I'd created in my head. For the first time, I felt like maybe, just maybe, a girl who picked up a camera one day could in fact become a real, honest-to-God photographer :) And people, oh dear people, that gave my soul wings!!

A month ago Jasmine announced on her site that she was releasing a magazine, yes a MAGAZINE. Because that's what powerhouse women do ;) And I was first in the line to buy it, thereafter longingly waiting at my mailbox until the day it arrived. Boy oh boy, I was not disappointed. The magazine is a work of art in itself, showcasing Jasmine's amazing work, but the way she writes enthralls me, I read it from cover to cover the day it arrived. And loved every word. I love how she makes me think about photography and business, because whilst she's as business-savvy as they come, she has the biggest heart too. And she convinced me that the strategy I've adopted for my own business WORKS :) She stands by her belief that you attract the 'right' (and by right, I mean where you 'fit' seamlessly :) ) type of clients through showcasing who you are, and not just as a photographer, who YOU are, as a person. And whilst I didn't need the 'permission' to be me, she's made me feel like I can do it OUT LOUD. And be proud of it to boot :)

And lovelies, it WORKS. Yes, it does. I'm so very proud to be able to say that each of my clients so far has been an ideal match. Not always in every which way, because of course we are all different as people, but in the ways that count. I've also prayed hard to the Lord to send me to the right people, that I can be the 'right' photographer, and the 'right' person for them :) For me, it's about being able to connect with a person, because at the end of the day, images are memories, and memories are created through connections. There is so very much beauty in that, and I am SO humbled by each of the connections that I have made :) 

I have learnt so much about Faith, and the challenges that come with trusting and believing in a Higher Power to lead you to the right things. And whilst there is a lot of fear for me in doing that, there is also a peace that comes from knowing that there is something to be learnt from each situation. To be witness to beauty, love, sorrow, joy, all the things that make us human. And to get to capture even a fraction of that blesses me beyond anything I ever thought possible :)

So this is a round-about thank you (albeit a verbose one!): to the Lord for His faithfulness, to my husband for supporting me more than I can explain, to my friends and family for their incredible support and patience, and to my clients, for being absolute rockstars and enriching my life more than you'll ever know! 



  1. You're precious beyond words!! XXX

  2. Wow! Very powerful message here. Thank you for sharing. You go Girl!