Sunday 11 December 2011

Earth Fair Market | Tokai | Product

I was so excited when Jacqui from Earth Fair Market contacted me to book me for a shoot :) Markets are a treasure trove of beautiful things and interesting people and so interesting to photograph :) You have to go check this one out - the most amazing food and fresh produce! These are a few of my very favorite images:

If there ain't good coffee, it ain't a market. They pass with flying colors ;)

Vibrant colors!

Most gorgeous pup :)

These looked AMAZING :)

Cannot go wrong with amazing carbs...

Gorgeous spices :)

Robyn, the manager, and her gorgeous rescue doggy Shadow :)

Am a total sucker for proteas! And how pretty is the honey label?

THE most amazing ice cream!

Tuna biltong - sounds odd, but is really yummy!

Proteas *sigh*

If I wasn't so afraid that I would break it, I would buy a glass teapot!

Such a wonderful vibe at this market - and plenty of space to sit to enjoy your purchases! Highly highly recommended :)


  1. I think you could make anything look good!! Beautiful! must try out this market sometime!

  2. ag you are such a sweetheart Bonnie :) xx

  3. This made my mouth water! I also could just die for a big batch of lovely protea like those in your photos. Such softness!