Wednesday 2 November 2011

Our Wedding Day :)

Every time I'm a part of a wedding, I can't help but be fondly reminded of my own wedding - one of the very happiest days of my life :) It is my GREATEST wish that each and every one of my couples feels the same exquisite range of emotions that I felt on my special day :) And that each of my brides feels pampered, spoilt rotten and surrounded by the love of special people. Hubs always jokes that I stalked our wedding service providers - Candy (our videographer) we see regularly, and Merlene (my makeup artist) I run into at the gym all the time. I say, never pick anyone to be a part of your day who you can't view yourself being friends with, because really? You're gonna spend A LOT of time with them :)

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day, captured by the phenomenal Just Judy :) If I had to do it all over, I'd choose for everything to be the same :) Oh, and the same man! Hehehe! 

This is one of my favourite photos of me from the day - unaware of the camera and bordering on elegant ;)

I needed 4 bridesmaids just to get my dress buttoned ;)

I'm sure poor Judy must've gone through 1 million photos of me with my jolly mouth open! Never stops flapping ;)

Whenever I smell tuber roses, I'm reminded... 

Merlene convinced me to go for lashes, and I'm so glad I did! Every girl should have these to create a perfect doe-eyed effect for her day!

Love how my cuz Carissa is literally a head taller than all of us!

The significance of this shot makes me tear up a little, perhaps my favourite of the day!

We went in for a very smoochy first kiss!

It feels rather unnatural, I'm not gonna lie, to have people throw things at you, even if it is just rose petals!

My girls :)

...and my man! ;)

Photos = perfect excuse for LOTS of smooching, as if you need one ;)

Love this moment between us, and the power of a photo to freeze that in time :)

Haha, won't be telling you what hubs said here ;)

Love this group shot, I think every wedding should have one, it's so special to have so many of your loved ones in one spot for the day!


My dress made me feel like a princess :)

I adore the lines of this shot, and the peace of the moment :) Our couple shoot was such a beautiful and special time to re-group, focus, enjoy each other and get centred before the reception :)

Teehee, this one always makes me giggle as Hubs reckons it looks like he's killed me! Haha, I think it's beautiful ;)

I loved how Judy captured our reception, all the craziness, love and laughter!

Adore :) Love this man more every day!


  1. You guys are so adorable and your love story is inspiring for everyone! Once again, I'm super happy for you and wish you both all the happiness in the world because you deserve it! :) xoxoxo.

  2. gosh you looked stunning tiffs! these are all beautiful :)

  3. Your commentary on the photos makes them so much more special, loved it - especially the comments on the one on the stairs, hilarious!!

  4. @Ings, thank you sweet girl! That's a special wish indeed :)

    @Tash, thanks so much lovely!

    @Andre, thank you so much! As you'll have noticed, I like to talk, and I always love the 'behind-the-scenes' stories, esp to photos, as you never really know what went on unless someone shares ;)

  5. This is beautiful! I want to cry at weddings. It is like I relive that special day, agree with you. You were a exquisite bride! Stunning girl!

  6. hehe, I'm the same, always have a wee blub behind my camera ;) Ah thanks lovely :) Was sooo happy that day :) xx

  7. How wonderful! I do regret our photographer thuogh, we met with one and on THE day he sent his "partner" :( I have pretty photo's but not what I expected. Other than that our wedding was awesome too, oh and all photos on film, so I really need to scan some.
    You made for a very pretty bride, and beautiful dress!

  8. Ag I'm sorry Rosa, that's a big disappointment :( Glad that there were still good ones though!
    Thank you :) xx

  9. Tiffs....what a lovely post. Your wedding dress is beautiful and you looked every bit the princess you felt! So lovely! You are truly beautiful-inside and out! And I think your personal experience makes you an even better photographer! After all-how can you capture an emotion such as love if you have not felt it yourself? Well you could, but I think having been through it yourself, it makes your photo shoots better! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! You made a lovely couple and a gorgeous bride!

  10. Ah thanks Bonnie, you're too sweet :) And I agree - to understand things deeply, it often takes a shared experience - and I know that seeing other peoples' love makes me love and appreciate my hubby even more :) xx

  11. awh! Cute man. You guys make such a cool couple.

  12. Aw thanks Rox, I totally hit the jackpot when I landed my hubby! xx

  13. Julle is soooo `n stunning couple!!!! Enjoyed shooting you 2!

  14. Ag thanks Judy, you were, and are still, an absolute super star :) And we enjoyed being shot by you, hehe ;) xx

  15. Such lovely photos! You two are gorgeous together and I'm so glad to get a little more of the "scoop" on your special day. It looked like sooo much fun :)

  16. Thanks so much Terri! It was an incredibly special day :) xx