Monday 31 October 2011

Vanessa & Malik | 23 October 2011 | Devonvale Estate

Vanessa & Malik have been together for 7 years, 7 years in which they've grown together, faced challenges, and experienced their love growing stronger :) It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of their 'fairytale beginning' :) A day full of love, tradition and promise.
I know there are a hang load of pictures following here, but there were so many beautiful details that I simply had to share with all you lovely people :)

V & Malik, thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your special day, I wish you a future filled with showers of blessings, promise and happiness :)


*The hugest thank you to my super star assistants/second shooters and support for the day - Kim du Toit and my husband Ross, you guys rocked it out!*

V's amazing friend Tam gave her the most beautiful gift encompassing something old, new, borrowed and blue, how sweet?

Had some serious shoe envy whilst photographing these gorgeous babies!

Beautiful detailing on V's dress for the Nikah.

Gorgeous blingy accessories.

Stunning rings!

The little wooden box was the something old, with a little butterfly pattern on top (V loves butterflies!)

Fairytale dress :)

Bangles that went with the Nikah outfit :)

MAC brushes. It could only be good.

Flawless :)


V you are so beautiful :)

All photos in the Mosque here were done by my amazing hubby, props to him!

Love the Arabic lettering.

Love the contrast between the young 'un and Malick's dad :)

Just incredible.

V's mom-in-law helping with her earrings.

Stunning :)

So special.

This moment was beyond special...

The handsome nephew of the groom - Razar :)

Malick's dad blessing Vanessa.

This here was such an awesome idea - they had lawn games (croquet & boules) for the guests whilst we were taking their couple photos. These pics again by my super star hubby :)

Razar was in his element!

Round 2 of hair and makeup :)


So beautiful and feminine :)

Sweet moment between V&M.

Teehee, this was Malick's idea ;) 

Adorable :)

Love these :)


V was very brave to negotiate the gravel in her heels!

Pfffft, they claimed to be no good at modelling! Get on wit' yo' bad selves! ;)


V, you are fiercely gorgeous :)

So romantic!

Mr & Mrs Parker with their golf cart :)

Heehee, prop fun!

Two happily married's and their blue bench, *sigh*

Like I said V, flawlessly gorgeous!

This was V's idea and turned out to be so cute!

Because every girl needs a 'foot pop kiss' on her wedding day ;)

The reception decor was gorgeous, with major attention to detail :) V's friend Tam, of the lovely gift from earlier, did all the set-up and styling!

Favours for the ladies and for the men.

Le Grand Entrance!

Mr & Mrs!

Beautiful venue at night.

At the end of the evening they had the loveliest idea - to release massive paper lanterns! It was amazing beautiful and very emotional.

The night sky looked amazing filled with all these lanterns floating off :)

Right before we went off, we decided to give a go at some 'light writing' and this is my favourite one :)

Service Providers
Makeup: Aliki from Head 2 Toe
Decor: The Lovely Tam and rentals from Quirky Parties
Assistant: Kim du Toit, assistant extraordinaire!


  1. Incredibly beautiful Tiffs!! Such soft and tender moments!! Vanessa looked so feminine and beautiful!! beautiful memories captured perfectly!!

  2. Aw thanks hun :) You were such an amazing support on the day, thank you so much for coming along! xx

  3. Tiff, for your first wedding this is absolutely gorgeous! :) I can't wait to see more!!

    You are so talented. Definitely got the photographer gene ;)

  4. Aw thanks Rosa!

    And thanks Ings, you're incredibly sweet ;) Hehe, well, if I get a smidge of the talent my dad had, I'll be happy :) xx

  5. They are lovely Tiffs! I adore the ones in the olive grove-is it an olive grove? Anyway, they are stunning! I also love the ones taken by the pond and the prop ones-so cute! What lovely photos! You did awesome!:)

  6. Thanks Bon! It is indeed an olive grove :) Hehe, they were way cute with the props hey? Thank you so much! :)

  7. these are sooo beautiful tiffs, congrats on your first solo wedding! you can be SO proud :) your details photos are fantastic! X

  8. Thanks lovely Tash, you are such a sweetheart! xx

  9. Tiffany you're a natural and miles ahead of the competition.
    All your pics come alive...Such genius is a rarity!!

    Keep up the superlative work :)))

  10. Carike Holtzhausen25 July 2012 at 04:24

    Wow, wow, wow!!