Friday 4 November 2011


Yes, yes, I realise that I am yet another photographer doing a 365 project.... ;) But you know what? Every time I see one I think 'hey, I should do that', but then never do. So here I am, committing to bringing you one photo a day for a full year :) I want to push my boundaries, create something every day with my camera....and I'm excited to do so :) So please don't get a fright if you see something different to what I usually do - that'll be me experimenting!

I kind of like the idea of theming the weeks, as far as possible. And for this week, I want to do all macro photos :) kick it off, here's a picture of one of my favourite things - my wedding band, nestled in the flowers that are making my heart so happy this spring - yellow pincushion proteas :)

I'm going to be keeping all these images on Facebook rather than a post per day for each image, so hop on over to my page to stay updated :)