Tuesday 29 November 2011

The Gorgeous Du Plessis Family | Sneak Peek

This past Sunday I had the immense privilege of meeting Francois, Katrien and their beautiful little boy Andreas :) I will share the rest of their beautiful story along with the full blog post, but I'd just like to say that these two are my ideal example of parenthood. Their gorgeous baba was a beautiful surprise for them after they'd decided that perhaps kiddies weren't in their plan, but to see how besotted they are with their little one really pulled at my heart strings :)

Oh, and I have to add that their home was BUILT for photography - the most gorgeous light streams in from every angle, Katrien's taste in decor is exquisite, and most importantly, their gorgeous house feels like a home - filled with joy, love and an overwhelming sense of God's presence :)

Couldn't you just EAT these toes???

There trained (yes, trained!!!) kitty Haasie, can't wait to show you her gorgeous eyes :)

This is something incredibly touching about a Dad so besotted with his child :)

You could guess a million times, but you'd never guess Katrien's age - both her and her hubby are the epitome of youthfulness! And wow Katrien, you are utterly gorgeous :)


  1. Is that a Siamese? My flatmate has a Siamese and he looks just like it!

  2. Wow cant wait for the rest these are stunning!!! :D

  3. Gorgeous Tiffany! Those feet (cat and baby) are so cute!!

  4. @Amy it is indeed, amazingly beautiful and impeccably trained!

    @Kim thanks honey!

    @Heather thanks, I ADORE baba feet!!