Friday 11 November 2011

Dev, Ron & Sav | Family | Eersterivier Park

You'll remember this lovely family from their Sneak Peek a couple days ago :)

They were so incredibly amazing to photograph - full of funny expressions, giggles, laughter, and love for each other and their precious baba :)

I worked through editing these with the HUGEST smile on my face, I hope you'll enjoy looking through them as much :)

Love her hat ;)

To my mind, baba fingers and toe-sies have to be some of the most precious things ever made :)

An angel and her teething giraffe ;)

Sav has 'spirit fingers' down pat already ;) And who doesn't like a good nom off their giraffe?

Wondering what on earth Mom and Dad are doing ;)

Air surfing ;)

Sav was enthralled with the prickly seed pod :)

Heehee, upside down baby all the way ;)

Cuddles with mom :)

Well, we know where she gets her gorgeousness from!

Getting a teensy bit overenthusiastic cuddling/scratching mom's face ;)

Upside down kisses from Dad :)

One big happy family and their bear!

These make me giggle every time.

Loved the feel of our location - truly magical :)

Sav wondering why she isn't getting all the attention ;)

You should have heard the shrieks and giggles here!

Quiet moment snuggling mom's nose...

And more giggles!

The wonder of discovering nasturtiums ;)

And of having one on your nose ;)

Gorgeous family much?

Love the dangling feet!

These two are adorable - still so very much in love and I adore how they poke gentle fun at each other ;)

The wonderment of discovering new things....and those baby blues are too too beautiful!

Hehe, I wonder where she gets her silliness from? ;)

Special moments with Dad :)

Didn't have to touch the vibrancy even a smidge - this is how lusciously green this grass actually is!


Precious family :)

Am a sucker for a backlit couple in love ;)

They were awesomely adventurous and even clambered into the middle of the stream for me!

Being naughty with dad - making splashies and picking up icky sticks ;)

Gorgeous two!

Very much in love ;)

Dad silly? Never!

Sav loved the tree ;)

Gorgeous faces with mom :)

And the 'shniffy' face, too cute for words!!


  1. So gorgeous Tiff! That bridge is beautiful! Love the location, so pretty! what a fun photo shoot! They will have to come to you once a year as babies change so much, especially the first 3 years. Each year you look at your child and you think they don't even look like the same child! yes you can see a similarity but the difference is amazing! Such a precious memory!

  2. What a gorgeous family!! So many cute, sweet and tender moments captured!! Loved the dangling feet!! Beautifully done Tiffs!!

  3. Thanks so much Bonnie! What lovely compliments :)

    Thanks lovely Kim! :) xx