Monday 7 November 2011

(Belated) Weekend Ramblings | Communication & Running from a Cow

Making up for the belatedness with a nicely odd title ;)

So...I'll start off with the 'Running from a Cow' bit, shall I? Last weekend I had the immense privilege of assisting the lovely Kim du Toit at a wedding in Swellendam. And whilst scouting locations for the couple shoots, we spot a cow. We coo a little over said pretty cow from a distance. Then cow begins to trot in our direction, we don't think much of it... Then all of a sudden it's speeding up and we decide to make run from the marauding man-eating cow! We scramble onto the road where a lovely local lady asks us ' Wat maak julle?' to which I responded that we were obviously escaping certain death by cow, like duh. To which she responds why we aren't afraid of the dogs. Dogs? Oh right, THOSE 3 massive dogs that we hadn't seen until now! The poor cow waddled off to continue grazing whilst we felt a tad daft to have feared a gentle bovine.... 

Now, I have discovered an interesting side effect of being a blogger, an avid one at that. Recently I wondered why I hadn't heard from a few family members and friends, in rather a while. Having contacted them, I found out that clearly I'm sharing enough on my blog to keep them informed of my various goings-on, hahaah!!! So, whilst I feel a little odd that I haven't heard from them, they feel perfectly in touch with me via what I'm sharing, funny right? ;) Now this brings me to ask - I love sharing on my blog, but I also still love to hear from all you marvelous people! So, whether you leave a comment in the box below, send me a message or just drop a little love on my wall, I'd love to hear back from you :) Either that, or start a blog of your own so I know what's potting in your world ;)


  1. I know, it's funny how when you have a blog, or facebook or some other type of social channel, the real forms of communication either stop or are less! I find that too! Everyone "catches" up with me on my blog, but I would love nothing more than a phone call or a real card! hee hee.

  2. OMW! I am so totally there! Miss the phone calls and "real" mail... but worse, I can't even figure out when people are supposed to connect face to face! Seems like folks are pooped from the work week and spend what little energy they have left with family on the weekends. I'm like... when is the "friend" time??? When are the dinners out... the game nights... the socials??? Gaaaahhhh! I miss my Mom! She always got people together by hook or by crook. Doesn't help that I'm the mother of a 4 year old and don't have any regular babysitting lined up. Okay, enough with my personal pitty party. I'm going to try to get something scheduled with somebody, somewhere, somehow...

  3. Hehe, so glad I'm not the only one! It's always difficult trying to organise things between the hecticness, but I find one just has to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak! Go get 'em! ;) xx