Sunday 13 November 2011

Weekend Ramblings | 365 & The Joy of Breathing Through One's Nose

Now, when I started this kinda crazy 365 project, I began to feel like I'd bitten off a little more than I could chew. And sure, it is difficult most days to take time to dream up or find something creative and crack a camera out to grab an image. But....I love how I stop to look even more now - I love noticing the beauty in life, both in the small and the big things. This past week I focussed on the 'little' things with my macro lens, and I love what I noticed and got to capture :)

I'm uploading the images day by day to an album on my Facebook page, otherwise it gets a tad mad with a blog post a day! But I'll upload them at the end of each week along with my weekend ramblings :)

Today dear readers I just have a list of things I'm thankful for:

1. I always forget, when healthy, just how joyous it is to be able to breathe through your nostrils! I've been struck down by some random sniffles/nose blockage, clogged ears, a very sore throat that burns every time I cough. Oh, and the largest 3 pimples (read: ABCESSES) known to man have assaulted my chin. Overshare. Yes. Deal ;) Would someone like to lend me their face for a week or so?

2. Learning new things. Yesterday I discovered some AMAZING new things that I can use in my editing, and that makes me as excited as a kid before Christmas!! :)

3. The opportunity to do what I love, and the blessings sent my way. Seriously. It floors me every time.

4. Jasmine Star's new magazine!!! If you don't know who she is, she's my hero. Ok, a tad extreme, but she is an amazingly inspirational photographer from the USA who has given me so much courage and faith that if you follow your dreams with all your heart, you can make it happen :)

Taken today after an AMAZING family shoot - textures on a gnarled old tree stump :) I adore how something can be beautiful from far away and up close :) We have an awesome Creator indeed :) ♥

Caught a glimpse of the reflections off of my little diamante earrings today whilst packing my camera gear away :) Ridiculously perfect little rainbow reflection!

Coffee bubbles, enough said ;) This stuff keeps me happy and I wish a photo could capture the smell of freshly brewed coffee! :) ♥ *sigh*

My most favourite earrings :) I love how the light catches these, and the elegance, and the sharpness ooooh :) ♥

LOVE the texture my macro baby picks up :) This image just makes me smile :)

Macro of my mac screen, totally out of focus on purpose and I love it :) Kinda looks like the inside of my head now - full of pretty ideas but not all in focus yet ;)

Last macro shot for the week :) This is yet another random Woolies queue buy (I swear they see me coming from a mile off!). I haven't worn a watch in years, but this really is my perfect style - I LOVE it :) As an aside, being slightly OCD, I love time, and organisation, and to me, this watch face is a pretty beautiful way to keep track of it ;) ♥


  1. cool new layout! The font's much easier to read now :)

  2. I personally liked your blog the way it was, but hey-whatever works for you! :) Love your macro shots, my fav is the coffee bubbles cos I am a HUGE coffee addict!!

  3. Terrific shots there! My fave is the gnarled stump! Followed closely by the "wee rainbow" (read with a slightly Irish accent). Looking forward to seeing more. I don't think I've pulled off anything for even 7 days in a row, let alone 365. I'm rooting for you!

  4. Thanks ladies, trying out a few new things, so the blog is now 'under construction' until all the tweaks are worked out :) x