Sunday 6 November 2011

Julie & Terence | Couples | Bokaap & De Waterkant

This shoot was an incredible amount of fun - my cheeks and sides hurt from smiling whilst on the shoot, after the shoot and then editing it ;). I may have me my 'crazy match' in these two, and trust me, I set the bar high!! ;) It didn't take a hang of a lot to get these two comfy in front of my camera, and I love that they 'brought it' in a big way - yeehaa!

T & Jules booked this shoot as a 2 year anniversary gift to each other - yup, these two lovely lovebirds have been married for 2yrs! I adore how in love and playful they are with each other :) I believe getting married is like going on a permanent sleepover with your best friend in the world, and these two embody that 100%

T & Jules, thank you SO much for the awesome privilege and opportunity to capture a little of your love on camera :) xx

T & J really wanted a super colourful and fun shoot, so what better place than the Bokaap and De Waterkant to get the job done ;)

When Jules arrived with this vintage suitcase filled with props (borrowed from the amazing Tam!) I was in heaven ;)

Like I said, adorable!

You might have noticed that Terence is sporting some fairly impressive hair - he takes a lot of flak for that ;)

Now, how cool is this: T's mom lived in the Bokaap, and this, we think, was her house :) So T gets genuine street cred for that!

It's rather difficult to pull a serious face when my dear hubby's the one giving instructions ;) hehe

"Serious Terence!'" HAHAH!!

I think they may have planned out the choreography beforehand ;)

Too friggin' cute for words ;)

T is hilarious! Rated PG for explanation of this shot ;)

Oh, get on wit' yo' bad selves!

Jules, you are just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And fiercely so ;)

Not too shabby neither T ;)

HAHAHAH!!!! We found a trolley and decided it made a cool addition to the shot - how many people can say they've done a shoot with a trolley huh??

T's funny faces had me cracking up!

TMI, but T is a 'bum man' ;) 

I LOVED the balloons that Jules brought along - perfect pops of colour!

Cutest boots too :)

Faces here too funny for words - T read aloud to us from the Oxford Book of Marriage

Secret Mentor signs ;)

Too lovely for words Jules!!

Teehee, this shop advertised that it stocks 'aphrodisia' so T decided this sign was appropriate ;)

As you may or may not know, Terence is a DJ at Kfm, and hence the vinyls are also a genuine addition ;)

*swoon* over Tam's vintage cameras!

Photographing the photographer....and then T got a little distracted!!! ;)

Hahahah!!! After a lengthy campaign, T is no longer so 'pumped up for summer' ;)

T having clearly found some dangerous thing to do!

T & J's song :)

We decided to take a quick whip around the mountain to Clifton side, only to discover a HOWLING and FREEZING wind. We lept out the car for a few shots :)

Dared T to see if he could hit a yacht...almost ;)


Windswept romance :)

A huge thank you to my hubby who assisted (ie. carted all my gear and props!) for this shoot, you're a rockstar :)


  1. Tiffz, this may be my most favourite photoshoot you have done this far. You are amazing and your talent is being sharpened each and every day! :) Thanks for the inspiration! xoxox.

  2. Really Great! How is that HAIR?! Can you ask him how he brushes it? I need tips for ZaZ hair! Hope you stopped in Bo-Kaap for the BEST coffee in CT ... HAAS!

  3. Melissa Petersen6 November 2011 at 22:07

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous my friends!!:)

  4. Gia, he doesnt brush it at all! but goes to a hairdresser once every 2 months for a THOROUGH brush through and a treatment ;)

  5. @Ings thanks you sweetheart!! And it's a pleasure :)

    @Gia it's spectacular right???

    @Melissa Thanks lovely :)

    @ Jules hehe love the hairdressing advice ;)

  6. Carike Holtzhausen25 July 2012 at 06:45

    Ah wow, you are amazing! :)