Sunday 2 October 2011

Weekend Ramblings | Juggling & Inspiration

So...ya'll may (or may not) have noticed, but my blog was a little quiet this week on the personal side of things :) Reason being, on Tuesday I had a wee bit of a wobbly, let's call it a 'mid-transition' crisis where I kinda flipped a little and started to question things. After an awesome weekend in JHB I was suffering from a lack of sleep, and as anyone who knows me well will know all too well, this gal does not cope well without her z's. I spent much of this past week feeling de-motivated, uninspired and worried that I'd bitten off more than I could chew....

And then I spent the afternoon yesterday with a dear friend, wandering areas of CT scouting for a shoot of hers, and it was literally as if a draft of creativity blew through my spider-web infested little head. It was such a pleasure taking in the creativity of this beautiful city I live in, and to bounce ideas off someone who gave me a fresh perspective on things.

I've learnt two important lessons this week:
First, know thy boundaries. I tend to like to think I'm superhuman - that I can do it all and somehow manage to make it all work. But then on the other hand I also know the little things, like I need enough sleep, human interaction and sunshine in order to be able to function. It may be a 'small' thing, but I've learnt I need to be strong about my boundaries between life and work - it's best for my sanity, my creativity and the people I love :).
Second, inspiration doesn't always find you. Sometimes you're lucky, and it happens to be where you're at. But in the world of creativity, it's so important to shake things up, to push the boundaries/rules, to try new things, to keep it fresh. And this can mean a lot of things, for me it's browsing online, taking a walk, spending some time with an inspirational've gotta find what works for you. entering this new week feeling like 'me' again - ready to take on the challenges before me, and more importantly, equipped and excited to do so :)

Just a quick story behind the photo above, this is my cousin Carissa's money box :). I remember, growing up, how she used to collect money for the 'poor people' and was very fierce about this savings decision. It was such a trip down memory lane to see it still in her room last weekend when I went to JHB. This also is serving as a reminder to me today of how important it is to share and spread the blessings God sends our way - to be open to His soft voice showing us where we can be His hands to help another of His children :)


  1. Loved this post!! Speaking for me too, as you already know! :) Here's to more many happy adventures!! XXX

  2. Thanks hun! And amen to more adventures special lady! :) xx