Thursday 29 September 2011

Carissa's 21st | Pirates of the Caribbean | JHB

*disclaimer: if you don't know my nutty JHB family whom I love to bits, or aren't too fond of craziness, feel free to skip to another post ;) *

As promised, here is a selection of a few more of the pics from the great party :). 

As Carissa herself likes to say, she has a 'flair for the dramatic'. This is a girl who never does anything by halves, and who will take any dress-up or theming opportunity to the max! So when she chose a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' theme for her 21st, her whole family literally pitched in to do everything from the food (amazing Aunty Beryl!) to her dad building a sail, yes, a sail ;)

But without further ado....

Carissa and her lovely mom, Carol, so beautiful!

Wes, Carol, Carissa and their domestic worker Lettie, who's been with the family since before Rissa was born :)

That papyrus-looking paper underneath is hand-stained and made!

Amazing decor by Carissa's Aunt Wendy.

Sail located portside of the photo ;)

Really, it's lucky no one lost an eye, these swords were rather vicious.

Gorgeous cupcakes!

Junior brother - and yes, his hair is in fact longer than mine ;) And yes, I may have worn underwear as outerwear.

Tasted just as good as they looked!

Yum food by Aunty Beryl.

Cariss and her beloved, Orlando Bloom, I mean, Duane ;)

Captain of the Black Pearl!

There was even an anchor.

It could only mean trouble ;)

 Cousin PG, Rissa's parents and dear Graeme ;)

Duane's fandamily

Speech! Pic by my older brother Tristan during my (allegedly lengthy! pfffft....) speech ;)

Realised this is one of the few pics Tristan snuck into - if you zoom in you can see the Nikon treachery ;) I kid, I kid ;)

Cariss and Mudda :)

As you can see, Cariss is the most graceful dancer 
(had fun playing with high ISO here for the photography nerds, 5000)

Ballet stuffs.

Apologies for the image quality here, but had to include one of these nutcases who decided SWIMMING was a good idea at the end of the night! Guess it's cute all the same ;)


  1. Argh! Was hoping I could sneak my photos up before you got more of yours up ;) Looks like I'll only get around to it this weekend, though.

  2. Oh wow the decor = AMAZING!!!!!! Gosh, felt like the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Well done on taking such wonderful pics :)

  3. Hehe, better luck next time boet ;)

  4. Thanks Amy!! My word, it was right? Carissa and her family are serious creatives ;)

  5. very very very cool!!! love how all out they went!! me wants sexy pirate outfit too!!! :D Love these photos sweets!! Love the dancy, twirly, ballet-ey ones!

  6. Hehehe, every gal should have one ;) Thanks hun!! xx

  7. Awesome! I can at least feel like I was almost there. My favorite one is Cariss and Mudda... can see my mom in there. I ache to be closer to family...
    Thanks for sharing these really terrific shots.