Tuesday 4 October 2011

Sneak Peek | Thornley Family | Claremont

A baby with the most beautiful dark blue eyes I've ever seen, an adorably doting Daddy and a serenely beautiful and graceful Mommy. This is what I was met with arriving at the Thornley family home :). This wee family - Wayne, Monique and Bianca (more affectionately known as 'Bean', how adorable is that?!) is so incredibly full of love.

2 hours of giggles, sweet little smiles and family advice (seriously Wayne & Monique, you've convinced me that parenthood is the most rewarding gift, in spite of the difficult bits) followed - and honestly, I feel SO incredibly privileged to be the one they chose to capture their love :)

Here are a few of the pics I've been working on today, I hope you love them as much as I do :)

Babies' feet are the greatest miracle ever 

These little lashes are adorbs :)


  1. soooo sweet! second one is soooo beautiful!

  2. Beautiful Tiffany.... Love love the 3rd one. Those lashes are to die for :-)

  3. Thank you so much lovelies!! :) Hugely appreciate the blog love! xx

  4. I need to see more!! So stunning!! love little baba lashes and feeties!! XX

  5. Thanks lovely :) More up soon soon :) x