Sunday 16 October 2011

Weekend Ramblings | Adventures.

Like most people, or so I would reckon, I LOVE a good adventure :) And for me, nothing screams adventure like a wedding with the phenomenal Nastassja Harvey! Most of you will remember the popcorn/shrieking incident of the last wedding ;) Well, this time, after we arrived home late at night, I managed to reverse into a pole. Yes. Straight into the streetlight at the end of her driveway. Don't even ask me how! Doug, though unscathed, is not talking to me and reckons I should have my head checked. And I'm fairly certain Tash will never get into a car with me ;)

But, other than that it was such an awesome day - the most stunning bride, venue, weather, people :) And any excuse for a good ol' roadtrip kuier with Tash is just fine by me :). She may just be one of my favourite people on the face of the earth, it's been SUCH an honour having the opportunity to learn from her - you'd be hard-pressed to find a more genuine, sharing and lovely individual :)

Now here below is a prime example of my stellar photographic skills when it comes to self-portraits in a mirror. Let's just say I need little more practice ;) Clearly my spatial orientation was WAY off yesterday! But I love it. It captures just how much fun I had yesterday. And that's what it's all about, right?



  1. Looks like fun! Love that hallway and chandelier!

  2. Oi hunny!! Sorry about Doug!! but glad you had such an amazing wedding weekend!!! XXX

  3. hahahahahaa!! you are so funny! Doug is one strong boy I tell you :) thanks for the cute pic honey! hehe sorry I ruined it with a silly squint face hehe ;)
    your words always blow me away tiffs, you have become such a dear friend and you are absolutely amazing to work with, thank you for everything you always do! your kind words, I dont deserve. loads of love X X X

  4. @Bonnie: Thanks so much! It was actually in the bathrooms ;)

    @Kim: Thanks lovely! It's really a tiny scratch, think Doug has forgiven me ;)

    @Tash: Doug is indeed! She's a brave little thing ;) It's a pleasure and don't be mad, did you see my mal grin??? You look gorge :)
    You are far far far too kind lovely lady, it's been SUCH a pleasure getting to know you!! Truly :) And you deserve each word and more!! A ton of love to you :) x

  5. Hilarious blog and adorable photos! Thanks for being so real :)

  6. Lolzie! Only saw this post now. Shame how is your car doing now? I agree with you - Tash is awesome!! :) xx