Tuesday 18 October 2011

Thankfulness & Bonnie's Designs :)

Now, I realise I've rather gone overboard with the whole 'my clients rock!' bit, but seriously? They do :) I find myself incredibly protective over them and who they are - it's amazing how much one actually gets to be involved in their lives, such a privilege :)

Bonnie and Jonathan have been SO amazing, from their absolute loveliness on the shoot, to Bonnie's sweet blog posts :) And then, when I gave her the images today, she presented me with this BEAUTIFUL gift :) So incredibly sweet! I cannot explain how warm my heart feels being so appreciated :)

If you'd like goodies like these beautiful ones below which now live in my house (yay!) then get hold of Bonnie, she makes the most beautiful handcrafted products :)


  1. So so pretty! I wish I can be as talently crafted and artistically gifted as you two, but all I can do are these boring numbers ;)

  2. Nonsense lady, you happen to make a GORGEOUS model and muse ;) And have mad computer skills ;) x

  3. hahaha Nooo I don't have mad computer skills! I hang around people with mad computer skills :p

  4. arw....(for the 100th time today!) I can't stop looking at the photos! I think I have looked at that CD 5 times today! I just LOVE my photos and J saw them and there are some he really loves too.
    The hard part is now decided which ones to print to frame- I want to do a few for our bedroom and a few to splash around the house.
    Now I want a shoot of us with the kiddo's!

    I have something totally fun in mind so will chat to you again when I am ready for it!

  5. Wow thank you Bonnie - that brings the hugest amount of joy to my heart :D So happy that you already have ideas for which to use in your home - love that! :)

    And fantastic - can't wait to meet your gorgeous kiddies! xx