Friday 14 October 2011

Bonnie & Jonathan | Couples | Helderberg Nature Reserve

I was so excited when Bonnie contacted me a few weeks ago to organise a surprise anniversary shoot for her and her hubby. For their 13th anniversary. Now, I know you must be thinking what I did - how can these two be old enough to have been married for 13 years? I have a very soft spot for the young-married, being of such a relationship myself, and can honestly say these two are role models for marriage :). They also happen to be amazing parents to two very adorable kiddo's.

Throughout the whole shoot I loved the moments between them, and the romance - Jonathan's tender gaze and Bonnie's sweet giggles :). I love the ease of their love - how well they obviously know each other and how they 'fit' together without even really thinking about it. Her chin knows exactly where to lie on his shoulder, his hand finds the small of her back without looking. Love gives me goosebumps...

Another thing that you're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE is Bonnie's blog - this lady is seriously talented in making the most amazingly beautiful crafts. Go take a look at her site and blog, and show some love for her work :)

Bonnie loves vintage and shabby chic, so you'll see I used a fair amount of vintag-ey polaroid effects, which I really love to use when it suits the shoot so well :)

Here's a selection of my favourites from their shoot - it was exceedingly hard narrowing them down ;)


I adore Bonnie's vintage mosquito net :)

Bonnie, you are too too beautiful :)

Love this 

Bonnie also loves Scrabble, just like me ;)

Love these :)

Bonnie makes these cute chalkboards :)

Flare! Bonnie and I share an addiction ;)

Rawr, talk about gorge!

And she makes this too-cute bunting.

This I love - Bonnie & Jonathan love 'The Notebook' so went with that sort of vibe for their clothes change :)

These two are some of my very favourite.

Ooh la la!

Adore the feeling in this one :)

Love these precious moments.

Hubby and I taught them how to do a 'dip kiss' - not too shabby! ;)

These make me smile :)

Romance personified - carrying your wife over the grate so her heels don't stick!

Thank you SO much Bon & Jonathan for a fun-filled shoot - you both are wonderful models, thank you for sharing a little of your love with me :)



  1. hi Tiffs
    Love these pics! There are some that are my absolute fav!
    I think you did an amazing job and we both are so happy with the photos!
    I love the dip kiss one! So many are beautiful!
    Did you manage to get a photo of the twirl?
    I am going to go to bed with a smile on my face tonight!
    Thank you for helping us create some awesome memories!

  2. Wow these are so beautiful!! Especially the ones with the flare!! Love these!!

  3. Sooo glad you guys are so happy with them Bonnie! :) It's an absolute pleasure :)

  4. They are really beautiful!!! They look natural and unposed, which I love!!

  5. So beautiful! You have a perfect artistic eye!

  6. Love these pics they absolutely beautiful. You guys really are good models. There are so many that I love. Jazz

  7. love these photo's !! tiffany you did a great job! i love so many too!

  8. Very nice! You guys look amazing in the photos... Joanna

  9. these are beautiful tiffs! well done girlie!! :)

  10. @Veronica: Wow, that is a massive compliment, thank you so much!

    @Jazz: Thanks so much :)

    @Emma: Thank you so much! :)

    @Joanna: Thank you :)

    @ Tash: Ah thanks SO much hun, you're such a sweetheart :)xx

  11. Done it again, Girl! So beautiful. Especially love the big mountain backdrop and the B&W in the big trees. Pretty crazy about the blanket with mosquito netting. Very lovely couple!

  12. Aw thanks Terri! They are stunning hey :) x

  13. beautifull!!! Im calling you guys soon for an shoot!!

  14. Carike Holtzhausen25 July 2012 at 04:07

    Wow, this shoot is just awesome!! I love it! xxx