Friday 7 October 2011

Wayne, Monique & Bianca | Family | Claremont

A baby with the most beautiful dark blue eyes I've ever seen, an adorably doting Daddy and a serenely beautiful and graceful Mommy. This is what I was met with arriving at the Thornley family home :). This wee family - Wayne, Monique and Bianca (more affectionately known as 'Bean', how adorable is that?!) is so incredibly full of love.

2 hours of giggles, sweet little smiles and family advice (seriously Wayne & Monique, you've convinced me that parenthood is the most rewarding gift, in spite of the difficult bits) followed - and honestly, I feel SO incredibly privileged to be the one they chose to capture their love :)

Here's a selection of my faves from our shoot :)


Those baby blues are too gorgeous for words, right?!

Wish ya'll could hear the giggles ;)

Adore this little skeef look she shot me 'hey, you're interrupting!!'

So much love....


Heehee, how adorable is this? Her nickname is 'Bean' :)

Tasting Dad's fingers.

Gorgeous wee family :)

Checking Mom's out.

And hers for good measure ;)

So special :)

She could conduct entire orchestra's with those busy little feet!

Monique, you are stunning :)


She adores this spoon like you wouldn't believe!

And this, apparently, is the secret to managing parenthood ;) That, and coffee ;)

Those eyes!

This is so special - Wayne clasps his hands in EXACTLY the same way, unconsciously, and look who's picked up the habit? 

Thank you, Wayne & Monique, for the honour of the opportunity to capture the beauty of your baby girl and your love for her :)



  1. awwww what a gorgeous baby! Beautiful family too :)

  2. wow Tiffany! Those photos are amazing! What a great shoot. Such a beautiful baby-and those eyes!! Love the happy shots of them! See you tomorrow!!