Sunday 11 September 2011

Weekend Ramblings | Perspective

It's been one of those epic weekends - you know, one of those when one isn't insanely busy, where you get to spend time laughing with amazing people and just soaking up the beauty of life :). It's recharged my batteries, given me a few minutes to get some admin done (amazing how quickly it goes when one stops procrastinating!) and left me feeling human again.

Last week Thursday was the SAWPA party (SA Wedding Photographers Association) which was awesome - got to meet so many incredibly inspiring people :) That said, this lass is definitely NOT the life and soul of the party - I'm afraid that I may be mere months from the retirement village! Have concluded that I was born with an old soul - one that cannot handle loud music (and hey, I love music as much as the next person!) nor bright colourful lights, nor cigarette smoke, nor missing an hour of my happy sleep time. I was totally illogically grumpy on Friday from having gone to sleep just one hour later than usual ;) I feel like I should get false teeth and start trip-proofing my flat ;) Oh dear. But it was well worth it :).

Then just a few words on perspective. There's quite a juxtaposition between my two jobs - OT in government by day, photographer by other time. I just pray that every day I never forget the perspective and thankfulness I've learnt... Life's all about contrasts, and I want to remember it all so that I never forget... Everything tastes/feels sweeter when you've felt or seen the 'other' side. I know I have to remind myself constantly to appreciate ALL the blessings I've been fortunate enough to experience, and I always want to feel floored with thankfulness for each and every one of them...

Ooh, I love these tins, and using these ingredients makes me feel super healthy ;)

Ja ja, don't actually believe in the 'power properties' of this stuff, but I adore the packaging and the flavour ;)

This is one of my very favourite treats :)

4 chillies, 46c. Wow.

I really have a stinky attitude when it comes to letting hubby snap pics of me - so thanks Hubs for bossing me into painting on some red lippy and posing a little :) Although you did get a bum shot in return ;)


  1. Ha ha! You do look just a tich pouty there! But in an alluring way. Speaking of organic... I am sure enjoying the lettuce, tomatoes, basil and chard that are growing in my raised bed. My favorite tomato now is called Sun Gold and they are best popped straight into my mouth from the bush. They are so sweet and delish, they don't need embellishment of any kind! I also love making Caprese. Sooo good! My neighbor gave me a huge zucchini and some little eggplants and that inspired me to make some Ratatouille. Luckily Bruce and Judy were coming to spend the night so we enjoyed that feast for dinner together :)

  2. Hehe thanks - hubby says it's a bit of a mean face ;)

    Oooh, those veggies sound divine!