Tuesday 13 September 2011


So...every once in a while my dear hubby floors me with his creativity & patience. He'll sit literally for HOURS setting up for the perfect shot and taking pics of things I would never dream of shooting. This dear readers, is a series of images taken of droplets falling into a frying pan - crazy right? ;) 

I adore the feeling of these - they really grab where I'm at now. The beautiful simplicity of knowing the droplet will hit the surface of the water, but not knowing exactly the splash will fall... Knowing that by initiating a sequence of action, something is going to happen, but not knowing exactly what.... 

There is such beauty in simplicity, & anticipation.....


  1. Omg this is beyond awesome!! did he use that timer thingy?

  2. Stunning Tiffs! I love that you are expanding your creativity into other areas. Friend you have such special way of interpreting and naming your photos. It really adds to the meaning!

  3. Amy, he says he did, but he's lying ;) Just used very high speed on our 5D :)

    Thank you so much Bron!! That is an awesome compliment!!