Sunday 11 September 2011

Slowmarket | Product | Oude Libertas Stellenbosch

Got something a little bit different for you lovely readers today :). I've loved the Slowmarket in Stellenbosch ever since they first started, at Bosman's Crossing. Since then they've moved to Oude Libertas and the prettiness and yummies available have grown and grown! I was very honoured when they asked me to take some official images of their beautiful stands to use for their website and gallery.

Here's just a few of my favourites :)

Love the quirky feather dusters between the bunting.

This is AMAZING chocolate - powerful dark stuff and SO yum. 

And beautifully packaged.

The Belgian 'waffle man' and his wife are legends of the market! Seriously, you haven't lived until you've tasted one of these waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Fudge in a whole variety of flavours? Why yes.

Gorgeous cupcakes.

If you're craving brownies, these are the only way to go - my fave is the nutella one.

This market has a vibe like no other :)

Every time I arrive I make a beeline for the coffee stand ;) Oh and I might have this particular coffee at home as well - market coffee all week long!

Hubby's fave - stroopwafels, yes, as amazing as they sound!

A new stand, and already a firm favourite - adore the shortbread balls and the chocolate coated coconut ice!

Amazing fresh bread.

You can get this beautiful orchids practically at cost price - so stunning! I have a purple one happily sitting on my coffee table.

These colours made my heart skip a beat.

And these.

The opportunities for clothing browsing are also amazing - so many quirky pretty finds!

One of my favourite stands full of beautiful jewellery!

Love these.

Every week there are different flowers around the market on the tables - this week there were the most gorgeous poppies!

More pretties

Hehe how cute are these little lambs? And loved the owls on the bags.


Succulents + wire = gorgeous.

The most gorgeous fresh veggies you ever did see, and for a good cause! Grown by a sustainable upliftment projest, Abalimi Bezekhaya, the proceeds go to the members of the program. Awesome.

Felt healthy just looking at them!

How gorgeous are these mushrooms?

Photo by hubby, love these straw baskets and the colours.

Ditto ;)

I love succulents & cacti, but inevitably manage to kill them... It's a problem...

The one on the left nearly came home with me... Narrowly escaped!

Do yourself a favour and pay this market a visit :)

Saturdays 9h00 - 14h00 at Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch.

I'll post a link to their new site as soon as it goes live:)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Especially the treats & the flowers. They should relocate to CPT. Stellies is too far for me :<

  2. Thanks Amy lovely! you must totally join us one day when we go - you'll love it! xx

  3. these images are beautiful tiffs, and gosh i'm dying to go again, so many beautiful things!

  4. I can hardly wait to spend time with you there!!! Woo hoo!!! It's going to go fast :)

  5. You're gonna love it! Can't wait :D x

  6. These market pictures are such a feast for the eyes! If you come to PDX I'll take you to the Saturday Market they have here. It runs from spring through Christmas every year. Most everything is made in Oregon, too. Very fun stuff!

  7. My mouth is watering... again...