Sunday 4 September 2011

Weekend Ramblings | Macaroons & Taking One's Husband Shopping/Shooting

Now, there are a few valuable life lessons that can be learnt through the essential compromise that must be achieved when one is in a relationship, or at least a few that I can think of ;). There are two areas that my dear hubby and I tend to, quite colourfully, disagree on - shopping & shooting. The poor man has been dragged on countless shopping trips and had his opinions on jeans in 3 different shades and the virtues of nail polish dragged out of him ;). I in turn have trudged through Builder's Warehouse and Makro with good grace and not asked why on earth there is a difference between various brands of screws and fuses. That's just how we roll. You may hear loud banter. Just a little ;)

Then, when I began shooting in manual, I got a rather skeef look, and it took much convincing to bring him to the understanding that Auto is REALLY just not the same. He's a firm convertee now though ;) One of the perks (I think) of having him along to shoots is that I get to see just how much of a nark I look like when wielding my camera. My word. No one should hold their legs at some of the angles I achieve. Very unladylike and highly non-photogenic ;) But we've worked that one out now and make a fairly lethal team, if I do say so myself ;)

These babies are Macaroons from Asara - the mint one was especially delectable.
Macaroons make me smile :)

Hey, I was told to pull a face, but really, never attempt to wrest a macaroon from my grasp! You have been duly warned ;)

And this...well...this is the 'would you PLEASE tell me if this jacket looks stupid, and yes, that will require you to put down that camera' look. Vicious if I do say so myself. The one on the right was after I was directed to turn head and swish hair - was rather annoyed to realise it had nothing to do with assessment of jacket but rather vision of photo ;)


Now, if you don't have a LensBaby, apparently sticking your lens in a water glass is fairly effective - photo credit and idea goes to Hubs. I dig it.

And this ladies & gentlemen, is what it looks like behind the scenes on a photoshoot with me. At least I've lost the 'extended pinkie' that somehow cropped up with adjusting focus ring. That was awkward to explain and looked just really really daft. And you may be asked to give me 'blue steel' ;). You'll have this to top just btw ;)

Yup, you may get asked to sit next to a rubbish crate, and to sit on the floor, but I will join you, even if it means lying down military style with my Hubby criticising my choice of pant-age and degree of bum-revealing!!


  1. Must try those macaroons. I saw some like them at Papa Haydn's (stellar desserts there), but couldn't quite bring myself to pay $1.50 each :(

  2. Ooh you must! Macaroons are the best :)