Wednesday 7 September 2011

Mid-Week Musings | On YDE & Kruger Rands

Exhibit A of why you should be glad Ross Burnham is married to me and not you ;) - dear hubby happens to be particularly brilliant when it comes to investments, he knows things about shares & derivatives which I would probably assume are swear words mis-pronounced ;). After the nasty dip a few weeks back in the stock market, we pulled all our shares off, but quick. The one things I DO know is that once you hit your stop-loss, no matter what, you pull out. So that we did. Then hubby began musing - how cool would it be to have actual gold?? (this said with a glazed-over face with the reflection of a gold bar practically in his eyes!). Or - a KRUGER RAND??? Just think of the possibilities!! Flipping for heads or tails would take on a whole new meaning!! So...being a supportive wife...I bought him some gold coins. Of the chocolate variety. Oh people of the interwebs, this is how you get 'the face' from your husband!! He forgave me after he realised that chocolate is perhaps a more worthwhile investment ;)

And then....on a totally separate note, I have officially given up shopping at YDE. No, not because I don't like their clothes. Because, apparently, there is NOTHING there that fits me any longer! I kid not, 12 dresses later I have reached the following conclusions:
1. Either I have a freakishly lengthy torso, or the waist/rib line of every single dress has been designed for teeny tiny teenagers. Likely intent, come to think of it.
2. The crop top is back in. I missed the memo. And now wish I'd never received the follow up one!
3. Before mentioned dresses also happen to reveal frightening amounts of bum. And no, I don't think they're intended to be worn with leggings. Or maybe tush-flashing is in this season???
4. If it doesn't fit going on over your head, it's also probably gonna get stuck pulling it on over your bum. Or rather, attempting to, I apparently have a sticky-outy bum.
5. 11 year olds can make you feel totally insecure when suggesting that a particular dress is 'probably not your colour' Seriously??
6. Yes, it is possible to become STUCK in a dress. And ensuing mini panic attack is probably warranted. One rib scrape from a zipper later and sever heart palpitations, I escaped.
7. The one item you do actually like that fits? Will have a broken zipper. And be the last one.

Hubby's loot ;)


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I'm practically rolling on the floor! Dang. Sorry that the clothes didn't work out better. Know that story all too well. Ha!

    Joy just came at me pretend gagging because she chewed on a purple crayon. Yuck! It turns out to be a wee bit difficult to remove ground up bits of crayon from someone else's tongue. LOL.

  2. BTW. Love the Kruger rands. They look quite realistic! Max, too is wishing that we owned gold. Hindsight being 20/20.

  3. Hehehehe, glad to share the laughs ;) Oh no - purple crayon cannot possibly taste anything other than yuck! x

  4. It was yuck for sure! At least judging from the look on Joy's face and the hacking sounds :{ I seem to remember trying it once myself. Ha! Maybe it runs in the family ;p