Friday 2 September 2011

Friday Randoms | Balance & The Little Things That Add Up

So lately I've been learning a lot about balance. I know I don't write a lot about my 'other job' here, and that's because I want to try to keep things nicely compartmentalised, typical OCD me ;) But of late I've been struggling a little to make sure that my energy is appropriately and efficiently directed. It's a blessing to have a post in Government as an Occupational Therapist, but there are days when my heart is just one big ball of 'ouch' for the people I interact with. Some days I feel I'm making a difference, and then other I feel like my efforts make absolutely no difference.... And then I feel almost guilty for having fallen in love with photography - what makes me think that I'm so special that I should get to do something that brings SO much joy to my heart when there are so many suffering??? I can only hope that the answer to this is to follow this path that God has opened for me, but to make sure at the same time that I 'give back' to this deep need I've been faced with in my OT career. And I know the answer - Balance. Luckily I'm blessed that the Lord has gifted me with a deep sense of my priorities, and a stubbornness in that I refuse to neglect them. In this order: God, my husband, my family & friends and then my work. And that doesn't make me love photography or OT any less, in fact, I hope it makes me a better person for it :)

Any rate, I reckon that's about enough introspection for one evening ;) In light of all this, I'm in the process of compiling a list of all the little senseless things that bring joy to my life - I'd love it if you'd add to it in the comments section below! :) 

1. My new Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facewash. Now seriously, this stuff is happiness in a bottle! Who could be grumpy after washing their face with this???
2. Catching the microwave door BEFORE it makes that annoying 'ping' noise
3. Picking the queue that actually moves faster
4. Getting a parking close to the entrance of the gym. Totally senseless and contradictory to the intent I know ;)
5. Catching something you've dropped before it falls
6. Tripping when no one's there to witness your humiliation ;) Or when they are, more giggles that way!
7. Getting all green robots in a row
8. Finding matching socks without wild scratching in one's sock drawer
9. Finding a sale item that you love which also happens to be in your size
10. and finally...the feeling of freshly cleaned and sun-dried sheets, nothing like it!

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