Monday 26 September 2011

(Late) Weekend Ramblings | JHB, family & love notes

I think this is the longest period since I started my blog that it's been quiet! Got a few comments from people that they were worried I'd died - not to worry lovelies, am still very much alive and kicking ;)

The reason for the silence is that I spent this weekend in JHB for my beautiful cousin Carissa's 21st, and due to very late nights chatting and catching up with my dear family, I have been away from Max (my macbook), and also my blog :) But fear not, I have many exciting pics coming from her 21st :)

My last visit to JHB was rather long ago, so really it was awesome to see all the people there and to make some more rad memories! 

*excuse any typos, seriously, this weekend I stayed up the latest and got the least amount of sleep I may have ever had. My speech is also currently slurred. Hoping to return to 'normal' soon ;) *

This is the gorgeous gal herself - will put more about her in her 21st party post coming up soon. Suffice to say she's the sister I never had :) Adore friendships where time/space/life doesn't get in the way.

One thing that blows me away about JHB is the food, and variety thereof. This restaurant, Life at Hype Park, is absolutely amazing. Salad bar from heaven! Yes those are sweet potato crisps, and yes, I have a new addiction. Oh dear.

Hehe, loved this - JHB people are exceedingly friendly, and the coffee barista has a serious talent with the coffee art! I disagree with the 'angel' bit, as looked like I'd been chewed by wolves due to lack of sleep, but hey, will take compliments were I get them ;)

This is so random, but this is a photo of my parents that the Pitchfords have up in their house - I think it's my 2nd favourite picture of them together - the style in which it was taken is so before its time, I love it.

And finally, excuse the quality of these pics, as taken on my little P&S, but I was SO impressed with the Gautrain. Honestly, after touring Europe in December, this is a world class facility. Granted, however, one is missing the 'Mind the gap between the train and the platform' British voiceover, but hey, it'll honestly do ;)

A huge thank you to everyone who made my trip to JHB such a blast - a ton of love for you all :)


  1. I spot a mithrandi but where is jayess hiding? :p

  2. Hehe, he's next to Tristan, camouflaged by his extra long hair ;)