Tuesday 27 September 2011

Carissa | Portraits | JHB

Ok...I admit...I may be biased BEYOND belief. But this is Carissa, my most beautiful cousin/sister I never had. And I am SO proud of her - tomorrow she turns 21, and this past weekend I spent in JHB with her celebrating this most special milestone :) 

She had a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party (will upload those pics later this week), hence the gorgeous outfit, had her stunning locks curled for the occasion and I did her makeup :)

Now Carissa is what one may term multi-talented. She followed in my footsteps to study Occupational Therapy, and is going to be an incredible and compassionate therapist one day. She also does ballet, Irish, Highland, flute, piccolo, and amazingly at that. She is incredibly graceful and beautiful! 

We grew up literally in each others' back pockets as kiddies, and even though 1400km separates us now, when we get together it's always the same. Consistently special, consistently close and even though we don't share the 'everydayness' of our lives now, our friendship is just one of those that always 'is'. I'm sure you understand.

So to my dearest Rissa on her 21st birthday, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and fulfillment, and I can't wait to see what your next chapter holds.

Love you always


Wide angle for a magical vibe :) Those eyes are too gorgeous!

Am floored by the gorgeous woman this girl has grown into :)

Yes that is a sword - dear Rissa has always had a flair for the dramatic ;)

Because of course, underwear was outerwear in that era ;)

Teehee, love this one of her and her brother Wes.

Enviable locks right?

So incredibly beautiful.


  1. Super hot!! Love her outfit!!! :D XX

  2. OOOoooh love the outfit! and the sword, and the necklace, and the hair, etc. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)

  3. Beautiful photos Tiffany! :)