Sunday 18 September 2011

Weekend Ramblings | Victory & The Joy of Assisting

For the LONGEST time I have been searching and searching for the perfect white photo frames. At the beginning of this year I had a wild idea to rip down the jumbled photo wall that I'd put up, which though lovely, ended up overwhelming our tiny lounge once we'd put all the new furniture in. 2 lessons learnt:
1. Double-sided tape? A great idea at the time. Prying it off the wall? Not so much. There are several gaping holes in the plaster, whoops ;)
2. Plan your space out beforehand - will save tons of money and time.

Then I saw a picture online of the most gorgeous white frames, and asked them where they found these beauties. And so it is that I ended up at the Waterfront Country Road shop this afternoon - knocked outta my socks! They have the most stunning array of frames - all excellent quality, all the minimalist, clean style that I adore so much. And not exactly cheap, but definitely well worth the investment and I didn't have to sell a kidney.

There is great satisfaction in holding out and waiting for something until you find the perfect match :)

On a different note, this weekend I had the opportunity to assist for the fabulous Nastassja Harvey - and it was such an amazing experience. Truly. I feel so blessed to have been able to meet a few of the amazing people in the photography industry, and I am eternally grateful for their sharing, loving, encouraging spirit. It was so awesome getting to know Tash a little better - and such a privilege to get to see her in action. 

Of course, such an experience is generally not without some embarrassing event (for me at any rate!). So...we're in the car headed home. During the couple shoot there had been a cloud of these horrid little horseflies (just btw, their bites flippin' HURT!) that had swarmed into the car. We thought we'd gotten rid of all of them. Until, in the darkness, I felt a bite on my arm, upon which I shriek like a startled pigeon and throw the popcorn I'm holding ALL over the car! I think I also nearly gave poor Tash a heart attack. And then laughed hysterically...there was popcorn everywhere - me, Tash, the dashboard, the jolly air vents. You really can't take me anywhere ;)

Paper bags make me feel like a 'real' grown-up ;)

He's available weekends as a product ambassador ;)

Photo frame perfection *sigh*


  1. Oh Girl! I really am laughing out loud! Too funny... the story of the flying popcorn and then the pictures of Ross. Whew! Love it all :D

  2. Hehe, you can always count on me for the token 'embarassing story' ;)

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  4. Reading this again I laughed twice! Over your story again and then on remembering a similar situation. Max was driving and I, in the passenger seat, suddenly felt something crawling on my leg. I too shrieked and rapidly flipped it away with my fingers, paying absolutely no head as to where it might come to rest. As it happens it then landed on Max's leg. By then I had figured out that it was just a harmless little Ladybug. But Max was already in panic mode due to the potential threat of being bitten by spider or wasp or something equally terrible. It took quite a few minutes beside the road to get him calmed down. I, on the other hand, was laughing hysterically. I think he was not too amused!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Loved that ;) had a good giggle ;) It's amazing how things can be SO funny only after they've happened ;) xx