Thursday 1 September 2011

Ali & Brett | Couple Shoot | Somerset West & Stellenbosch

After the sneak peek earlier this week I don't think these two gorgeous peeps need a lengthy introduction ;) However, I must add a disclaimer that there are a LOT of images in this post - editing through all the pics I felt like we may have gotten 3 shoots done in the space of 2 hours ;) But that's just how we roll ;)

I just have to say though, that the love these two share is incredibly special - wow, I love the way that they look at each other and it really was not difficult in the least bit to pose them as they are just naturally camera gorgeous ;) 

I really hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I enjoyed capturing and editing them - I had a grin ear to ear going through these :)

Yes this might be another blossom opportunity! ;)  And maybe a LITTLE flare ;)

This is Brett's 'Blue Steel' - good job n'est pas??

Loved these props made specially for me by the lovely Megan at Beautiful Day Designs!

Hehe, coordination was required for this one!

Ali you are truly stunning :)

Mmph GORGE much??

Now, I'm not entirely to be trusted around train tracks - but we all escaped unscathed ;)

These two are pretty much too adorable for words!

LOVED Ali's wellies, so cute.

Brett's album cover ;)

These are literally the most humongous strawberries I've ever seen!

See? Safely on platform when train passed ;)

Hehe Brett's face is priceless in this one! 

Actually, and this one.

How's this for romance points? Yes, Brett sings, and magnificently - he even sang to Ali on their wedding day :)

I know the perspective is a little odd here, but I dig it ;)

I adore these next two :)


Brett and Ali, thank you so much for the privilege of allowing me to capture a little of the special love you share!


  1. Tiffany, these pics are AH-MAY-ZING! :)

    Ali, my darlin, you are so so so beautiful!

  2. wow!! no words!! u are a beautiful couple!!!
    Tiffs great talent!!!

  3. Really gorgeous hunny!!! What an incredibly cute couple, love their fun love, captured perfectly!!

  4. Julie, thank you so much that is a beautiful compliment, seriously thank you!!!

    Thanks to you too Melis - they really are too stunning for words!

    Thanks Kimmi :) Muchos appreciated :) x