Tuesday 2 August 2011


So...following on from last weeks' blog post, you may have noticed that I've been having a slight crisis of confidence... To be honest I kind of keep expecting someone to turn around and tell me to stop trying to play with the big people! And I, I dear blog readers, have to admit that I am a people pleaser. Honestly, if people don't approve of my personal life choices or the fact that I used to watch Girls Next Door, pfffffft, water off my back. But take a swing at my emerging creative self and you'll find me sniffling into a large barrel of melted chocolate! Pathetic....

I've been so blessed this past week though - the Lord has sent a pile of awesome opportunities my way! Most of them terrify and excite me in equal amounts, which I reckon probably means I should jump on them. I have a dear friend who used to say ' If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!!'. 

So here's to living on the edge. To a pounding heart and stomach full of butterflys. To anticipation. To challenge. To blessed people who are willing to share. And most of all to BEGINNINGS.

Oh, and yes, you've been seeing a lot of pics of my favourite shmodel, but hey, until he buys me a puppy or kitten (or baby, but you can't really buy those...) he'll have to do ;)

I kinda dig him ;)

I know that not everyone who reads these rantings is a photographer - but would love it if you'd share some of your experiences too - blessings or challenges!



  1. You go girl! I have Downey (my dog) he is my model. I still have to convinve my hubby :-)

  2. Hehe, I exchange baked goods for photo ops ;) x

  3. Forge ahead, let your art speak! Regards, Zaria's dad

  4. OMG! He looks perfectly edible.

  5. I need a 50mm 1.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I agree with terri :)

  6. My 50mm 1.4 is my BABY - seriously stunning piece of equipment :D x