Sunday 7 August 2011

Weekend Ramblings: Assisting & The Beauty of Rest :)

So...this weekend I was privileged enough to have an opportunity which simply rocked my little photographic world - I was fortunate enough to assist the phenomenal Lauren Kriedemann on a stunner of a wedding at Gabrielskloof in Botrivier :) Oh happy, happy, happy me! And I'm exceedingly happy to be able to share that the experience was everything I hoped it would be and more - can't actually believe just how much I learnt :) A few gems:

1. My Shootsac rocks! Seriously, 8 hours of equipment toting and I am pleased to report my right shoulder and neck are still fully functional due to this awesome baby!
2. Shooting on a Nikon D700 made me feel like I was cheating on my 5D, but it's ok, my Shootsac was in on the affair so we're covering for each other ;)
3. Nikon actually kinds rocks too! Bonus points for a-mazing focusing and ease of use! However, major fail on my part was continuously forgetting that EVERYTHING on the lenses and camera screws opposite to Canon. Stay calm though, nothing was dropped ;)
4. Pashmina scarves. Good idea for keeping neck warm and offering to bride for similar. However, there is risk of entanglement around neck and camera strap resulting in embarassing fumbling/strangulation episode ;)
5. Field of canola for shoot location? My heart may have died a little from the beauty.
6. How to actually shoot effectively with a flash on manual - thanks a million times over for that one Lauren!
7. Nicky Stowe is an absolute sweetheart and shoots stunning images!
8. Boots are just a good idea. Always.
9. Reflectors are actually just a brilliant thing to use if you do it right.
10. And finally, I fell a little more in love with photography, and with love, and with awesome people!


Today I woke up feeling muscles in places I hadn't realised that my Sergeant Major Pilates instructor hadn't reached! With a heart full of joy and a bit of a foggy head. Hubby and I spent the greater part of the day out in False Bay on the parents-in-law's yacht, soaking up the sun, stopping to breath in the fresh air and enjoying the beauty that is REST after fulfilling work :)

Truly world, if I were any happier my heart would burst!

Gordon's Bay, you are beautiful....

My happy wee family :)

"No Tiffs, there is no such thing as the prow of the boat, it's called the bow!" Whatever, haters gonna hate! ;)

It's all so pretty and nautical and shiny :)

I adore wispy clouds!

The yachting experts - I just stayed outta the way and tried to make sure my head didn't get hit! ;)

A father-in-law, his beer and his HIDEOUS crocs - nee man Pa, next time we head out we're 'losing' those overboard....

So...Kelly may have come along ;)

Hubby diligently sat on the back of the boat with a line for hours, only to be rewarded with this little guy, he went straight back in the ocean.

Later on it got all overcast and moody - how gorgeous are the rocks?


  1. your photos are always so beautiful! I really love the ones about nature - it's so awesome to be able to capture such wonders on camera.. and those crocs are pretty nasty lol!

  2. Great pics! I especially adore the tiny fish :)
    Can I come on a boat ride... pleeeease???

  3. Thanks Amy! Heheheh, yeah, Pete was none-to-happy about my threat to his crocs!

  4. Of course Terri! When you Max and Joy visit you must come for a sail :) x

  5. oh my goodness Tiffany! your work is amazing!! i'm in love! :)

  6. Thank you SO much Nastassja! Am a total nerd but having you comment on my blog has made my day! Thanks for being such a honey :) x

  7. Ya see ya see!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) (re Tash's comment)