Sunday 31 July 2011

Weekend Ramblings: Shooting in Manual & Compulsive Shopping

This weekend has been uncharacteristically quiet, and boy am I thankful! I've been able to catch up on a whole bunch of small things that have been piling up, but mostly I was just stoked to have some 'hang time' with my hubby :) 

Yesterday I begged him to go to Clifton 4th with me to watch the sunset and to give me an opportunity to practice shooting in manual with my 5D. I've been shooting in manual as far as is possible for all my shoots, but there are times when I get a little too comfy with my Aperture Priority mode ;) Man, I have to say, when the exposure locks in right for skin, I get goosebumps! And fall a little more in love with my 5D ;) 

I choose you, well, every day ;) Those blue eyes get me every time ;) 

The texture of the rocks at Clifton really gets me!

Me squinting into the sun, dang I don't do it half as good as he does! 

I love how this photo makes me feel, and that I'll have this reminder forever - cuddling on my hubby's shoulder at the beach, the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, shrieks of laughter and the feeling of complete & utter bliss :)

The sun was blindingly harsh, even as it set, so a very good challenge for taking pics!

One day he's gonna get stolen to model for J Crew or something, so I figured I'd better snag him before he becomes unaffordable ;)


Like I said, harsh light, but incredibly beautiful! Is it just me, or has CT outdone herself lately with sunsets?! Thanks Lord!

And then...well...there really is no valid explanation for this... Other than the fact that I felt I needed to up the game on the 'Professional Black Clothing for Being a REAL Photographer' look. Oops...may have run a little wild... Especially considering that the vast majority of my wardrobe is already BLACK! But who could resist those pumps? Or the long swirly black dress? Or the ruffles on the 50's style dress? Bad Tiffany... Next thing I'll be finding a way to justify the purchase of black underwear to be PROPERLY coordinated.... I may just need an intervention ;)

This morning I had a moment of sheer and utter panic. I pick up Max (my MacBook) only to discover he's flat. Oh well, go to plug in power supply which DOES NOT respond!! Try plugging in other attachment, no luck. Wiggle the plug thingy - nothing. Speed off to iStore with warranty in hand and a prayer that it would be the cord and not the laptop. Turns out that this is a common problem...apparently...and plugging cord into another MacBook solves problem... HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?! Nearly buy iPad to prove to sales consultant that am not dumb female, but hubby intervenes.... 


  1. I love these sorts of posts!!! Your antics keep me happy the whole day!!
    Love your seet words about hubby and memories!! Overall, I am mad about all the pics and I agree, snag him while he's still affordable!!! ;)

  2. Heheheh, very glad to be of service ;)
    Haha, yes, he's just told me his hourly rate's gone up! x

  3. Tiff, I don't know if you tried this but unplugging the adapter from the wall and the laptop for 5-10 minutes usually helps, something about the line-noise-whatever-protection. See .

  4. See: (apparently your didn't like my URL.)