Monday 15 August 2011

The Gorgeous Amy

Now, I have to thank my older brother, Tristan, for meeting Amy online! In a random chat room. I kid I KID ;) Some place called IRC (I think) where intelligent minds meet :) Any rate, this whole deal worked out very well, as it took very little persuading to get this gorgeous gal in front of my camera :) Amy also happens to be super smart - she finishes off her CA degree this year and will be doing her articles at Ernst & Young.

Amy, Hubby and myself spent a good couple hours in a field of stunning light, where she put up with Hubby's 'modelling advice' which ranges from the slightly dodgy to the insane ;) And with good grace she did it too! Now, your camera would have to be broken to get a bad picture of this girl, I'm insanely happy with how gorgeous she is! I hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as I did capturing and editing them :)

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You Amy, are about as gorgeous as they come :)

How cute are these boots?

Did I mention that light???

Gorge ;)

Adore the colours of the fynbos!

Random country gate with the prettiest lock you did ever see!

I might've stolen these shoes were my feet that dainty ;) Perhaps the legs too...

By now you may notice that I go weak at the knees if you give me some lens flare ;)

Um yes...if the CA bit doesn't work out I reckon you should just go model for Country Road, J Crew, anywhere really ;)

Ooof !

Gorgeous twirling!

I love this one, mid-twirl and too beautiful for words :)

The hat happens to be mine, but I think she wears it better than I do ;)

Oh Amy, you're too lovely when you laugh!

Hubby was teasing her mercilessly throughout ;)

Love shoes & foot shots ;)


Love the juxtaposition of nature + barbed wire + Amy's lovely self.

Love the perspective of this one :)

The fynbos at this time of year *sigh*

Hehe, this was Hubby convincing Amy to stand on the side of the road ;) And Amy's subsequent shyness at passing cars/cyclists/pedestrians ;)

This last one by the talented Ross-Hubby himself!


  1. *ahem* it was a super ~secret~ chatroom :p The twirling was actually quite fun - though the heels & sand made it pretty difficult! Thank you (and ross) for these photos! (and the treats!!)

  2. Oh, and the reason why my boots were so beautifully white was because Ross rubbed them clean haha!!

  3. Awesome set of images! I love some of your angles, really different. You really have managed to create a mood with these pics :)

  4. Hehe, thanks for being up for the challenge Amy! You twirl well, even with the heels and sand ;)

  5. Thank you SO much Kathryn, what a beautiful compliment!! x

  6. this are incredible hun!!! love them all!!! Love the lemonade ones a lot for the different-ness of the angles! But as per usual, me loves them all and you have captured Amy beautifully, I believe in a way that shws us her true spirit! well done!!! XXX

  7. one of your friends told me you are super talented...let these images speak for themselves...WELL DONE!!

  8. Wow Eloise, thank you SO much for your kind words! :) x

  9. Thank you so much for your unwavering support lovely Kim! :D x