Wednesday 17 August 2011

Mid-Week Musings: Snowballs & Overt Support

Now, whilst I have yet to actually level or burn a kitchen down, there have been several occasions where my Hubby has had cause to stage an intervention during one of my cooking mishaps. There was the death by chocolate cake (or pancake, depending on which angle you appraised it from). There was the brie fondue that turned into well...a clumpy watery sodden mess. There was the stew singed beyond recognition. And then last night, there was the snowball. Snowball?? Well, my dear colleague from work, Melanie, made these babies a few weeks ago and I was hooked. Thinking the recipe sounded like a breeze, off I toddled to get the ingredients last night and then set to work. A few tips. It may be an idea to grease one's muffin pan prior to baking sponge in it. It may also be an idea to purchase enough coconut to coat said cakes. And finally, one needs a certain amount of dexterity to nail the coating with syrup. Whilst they taste deelish, I have only macro shots of my mishap as from any further away they look like a sad unfinished attempt at trifle!!!

Then....I'd like to say a special thank you to all the people who've been commenting on my blog and supporting me so much over the past few months!! For those of you who know about the 5 Love Languages, my language is 'Words of Affirmation' so you'll know then just how much everyone's compliments and supportive input have meant to me :). Over the past few weeks I've been making a concerted effort to not just think good thoughts and compliments about people but to actually TELL them - I used to spend ages on other people's blogs (photography and other) without commenting my thoughts, but now knowing just how much positive feedback helps, I've been typing away ;) The gift of being an encouragement to other people is such a blessing & so powerful.... Go try it, I promise you it's exceedingly rewarding to see someone's face light up at your recognition of something beautiful about them/something they've done :) 

You can JUST see the crackled mangled edges, but man, these tasted amazing!!


  1. I'm a HUGE fan of coconut! (Checkers has these reallllly divine chocolate-coated biscuits wrapped in coconut that are to die for! Called Loackers or something anyways they come in a long rectangular white box and are around R24) Not a fan of jam though.

  2. Ooh, gonna have to track those down! The jam is actually more of a syrup (when done right ;) ) that then soaks in - this one apricot jam with a little too much red colouring ;)

  3. i wouldn't mind to dare your baking, but think I may stay away from the uhm, said cooking!! ;) babe, honestly didnt know that was your love language!! yay!!! Now I do understand how much it all means to you!! XXXX

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! Words of affirmation is my love language too! And yes, it is an art to actually say out loud the affirming thoughts I have of others. Thanks for leading the way! You are so encouraging! Hmmm... just noticed what that word really says... "en - courage". It does take some. And, it so happens, my word for this year is BOLD. (I might need to keep it for next year, too. It definitely needs more work.) Takes courage to be bold... and wisdom too.
    Sorry, you're hearing my little rambling self-pep-talk here. Ha! Anyway, thanks for being an inspiration for me. I'm enjoying getting to know you a little bit more this way :) You are absolutely darling in so many ways!

  5. Oh that's lovely Terri! And no need to apologise - loved your 'pep talk' ;) And love that you're enjoying my crazy bits too ;)