Sunday 14 August 2011

Weekend Ramblings: Obsessing & 'The Little Things'

It has been a bit of a random weekend, but it's also contained much-needed rest and time for reading :). I know this makes me the biggest nerd, like, EVER, but my happy little Kinle has 40 Hercule Poirot mysteries just waiting for me to devour, and this excites my heart more than I should probably admit ;)

I also spent a few hours messing around with new borders for my blog photos, let me know what you think :) I tend to obsess over the small details - and end up absorbed inching random bitties around and humming a hahing over 3 fonts that are all, essentially, identical. Hubby luckily, knows when to give me a smack and force me out the house ;)

Then...I had someone mention to me yesterday that they were surprised I'd remembered some small detail they'd told me a year ago...ATTENTION BLOG READERS: I somehow have the capacity to remember HIGHLY random details, usually of a personal nature :) Ask me what someone's first dog's name was, totally got it on the database. Cognitive rehabilitation or something that I actually should know? Sorry, but your search has yielded no results ;) I love the little details, Hubby calls it stalking, I call it having an interest in the things that make people tick :). So you've been warned ;)

Add it to my list of other fairly useless talents:
1. Being able to spell backwards. Yeah....NERD!!!
2. Being able (after several years of practice) to cut Hubby's hair in a manner acceptable to public presentation.
3. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue/teeth.

And that, I think, is enough nonsense for one blog post!

This is the field I had the privilege to shoot in this evening - could've seriously scooped that golden light up and bottled it!


  1. Love this rustic pic!!! :) and I think i might like the templete with Tiffany B. Photographer?? What were your thoughts? Im quite a randome person, so im guessing you know LOADS about me already ;D yeah, someone gets me!!! ;) anyway, cant wait for the rest from this shoot. XXX

  2. Thanks hun! Hehe, may know just a LITTLE about you ;) x

  3. This pic is beautiful! One of my fav! Cape Town really is one of the best cities- so glad you found this spot. Love how you can see a bit of the mountain there as well

  4. Makes me just want to open that gate and walk right in!