Friday 29 July 2011

Snood | by Robyn Caris

At the beginning of winter I started seeing these really awesome 'continuous' scarves around, didn't know they had a special name until I asked someone about their scarf only to find out it's actually called a 'snood' ;). Oops. At any rate, I started hunting around for one, and stumbled across Robyn Caris' facebook page! 

I flipped through a few of her online pics of the various designs, and eventually settled on the gorgeous grey one you'll see below :). I can also totally commend the customer service - my snood was snuggled firmly around my neck & head within 4 days of ordering it! And it came beautifully packaged, always a huge plus :)

As an aside, how AWESOME is good customer service?? Unbeatable in my humble opinion...

How cute is the tag?

Personal touches are the BEST!

Rocking my snood ;)

Yeah, you can't see my face, that's intentional! With no makeup on and 'computer face' I figured it'd be best not to scare the small children and animals ;)


  1. Ok you should be a product ambassador!!! I want one!! Love these shots hubby!! Gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely darling... You... the Snood... your adorable blogs... I can hardly get enough...

    As you can see I'm playing catch-up. No time to sit at computer while I was getting ready for Joy's 4th birthday party. I think I've recovered now :)

  3. Hehe, glad you're loving it Terri!