Sunday 3 July 2011

Weekend Ramblings: CT Sunshine!

Yesterday I had my own mini-miracle - in spite of the miserable CT weather report we got a PERFECT hour of light when we needed it for Berdine & Hein's shoot :). And then extra surprise of the most gorgeous CT winter's day :) Hubby and I took major advantage of it, starting with breakfast at Cassis in Newlands with our dear friend Robyn. We then took a drive around the coast to scout out potential shoot locations for a few projects coming up, and I got the most gorgeous bunch of proteas :) I LOVE proteas :).

All in all, this post is just to convey that I feel blessed. SUPER blessed. To be alive, to have a passion for something, to be in love with my husband, and to feel on fire with opportunity :)

Yes, indeed, my heart is happy just now...

The purple makes me happy :)

Messing around taking photos through the back of the 50mm, hehe.

DELICIOUS variety of breakfast (and dessert & lunch) options, yum.

Any place that makes a good latte/cappuccino gets my vote ;)

Spectacular gold wallpaper!

HOW AWESOME IS THIS?! THIS my friends, is how breakfast is done! Fried egg, potato croquettes, bacon & cherry tomatoes all in a wee Le Creuset pot (Cocotte Cassis) - oh am in love ;)

These little pots are precious.

Yes, I reckon CT is the most beautiful place on earth *sigh*

Love big fluffy clouds like these:

Posing with my proteas - thanks hubby!

Messing around with the macro lens, my earrings, and said proteas.


  1. Wow these pics are sooo beautiful!!! So talented you!!! :)

  2. Thanks Lovely! These were all on my 100mm macro lens - I think I may have a crush on it ;)

  3. I agreee... CT is absolutely one of my favourite places in the world! :) But, if CT is one of the most gorgeous places, then you must be one of the most beautiful women in the world! The only bad thing about you being a photographer is the camera can't capture your beauty. :)

  4. Thanks Ingz!! CT is so stunning :)