Sunday 3 July 2011

Gordons Bay: Winter Wonderland

The Parents-In-Law live out in Gordons Bay, and several weeks ago Mom-in-Law (Jenny) told me about an event they'd be holding - a Winter Wonderland with stalls, and gluhwein, eats and crafts. Catch was - she'd volunteered my services to photograph it! Panic set I hadn't done any outdoor night photography, I was a tad nervous to say the least ;) BUT - in the end it was a really lovely event, the lights around GBay were gorgeous, and I'm fairly satisfied with how the photos came out :)

Hope you enjoy them too :) And look out for the event next year! 

Gordons Bay at sunset is breathtaking :)

Fun with polaroid effects.

We had drinks at the Gordon's Bay Yacht Club.

Dig this shot.

Yacht club at sunset. The string of lights is Patents-in-Law's yacht!


Christmas-y details.

Lights in the palm trees.



Live music stage.

Lights AND gluhwein ;)

Lights in the milkwood trees.

Love this one.

There were crowds out to walk amongst the lights along the beach front.

Gorgeous guest house - Le Coco.

Love the perspective here :)

We ended the night off with dinner at the Yach Club where they had an awesome live band :)


  1. So so talented! Love the night/light shots :)

  2. Thanks Amy! I was terrified that would tank, but it would appear I researched my settings correctly ;) x

  3. well done!!! you'll need to show me a few tricks at some point!! these are fantastic!!

  4. For the light ones, high exposure is the key ;) Will defs show you my 'tricks', you may be shocked! ;) xx