Monday 4 July 2011

Berdine & Hein

Remember these two from the sneak peek on saturday? Of course you do :)

I had a hard time editing these photos - no, not because any were bad! Because these two managed to look gorgeous in practically every single one! Berdine is a perfectly beautiful pregnant lady - so graceful, calm, poised :) And Hein dotes on her - it was so sweet to catch romantic moments between them :)

Without further rambling from me though, here is a selection of my faves from the shoot *warning* it's still a long post! Struggled to choose, so this is the 'narrowed' down version ;)

Berdine & Hein, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your love and anticipation of your precious baby girl's arrival! 

Gorgeous light!

Look at that perfect bump, and the tenderness :)

So loved already :)

Berdine does smoldering pretty darn well too ;)


Love the atmosphere of this one.


How beautiful is her ring? The spaces are left open to add precious stones to mark special occasions - points for Hein right?

Love the laughter in this one :) And thanks for trusting me for this one!

Oh, the light...

I loved Hein's face in this one!


How PRECIOUS are these booties?

Adore the crocheted blanket.

See? Perfect bump ;)

Berdine was very brave in the cold! But it paid off ;)

Love these two :)

Look at the love between these two :)

Hubby got this one! I'm jealous I must admit. May not be able to afford his fee for second shooting anymore ;)

More edible light! Hein was a huge fan of the pose to the right as he got to face his favourite side to the camera ;)


Lovely Berdine 

Seriously Berdine, you are utterly gorgeous :)

Love the feel of these.

So cute! It started to rain again just as we finished taking this set - the PERFECT window of time, sunshine and love :)

SUCH a special shoot! Look forward to meeting your precious baby girl :)



  1. Wow Tiffs!!!! This is gorgeous, I love love love these!!! This post is very diverse and I love that too, they look amazing together and love their love!! Captured perfectly!!! Well done! XXX

  2. Kim, thank you SO much for the lovely comment :) x

  3. Love these, Tiffz! :) You did an amazing job and you used the weather/lighting/props to your advantage! <3 and you are right, that bump is loved very much already :D

  4. Thanks Ings! Was rather a stress with the weather, but it was PERFECT for the hour we shot :) love is beautiful