Thursday 28 July 2011

Smoke & Mirrors

So...I was thinking today...I've shared my small successes and victories in this new world of mine with ya'll, but what you don't see is the tough times. The moments where my teeny tiny 'photographer ego' gets knocked and next thing I've eaten a whole tub of ice cream in the bath!

Today I feel like these pictures below (which were taken by my hubby, can I get a whoop! whoop!). I have these moments where I think to myself 'Um excuuuuuse me honey, who exactly do you think you are, and who told you you'd get this right??'. Really, what you may not see is that I'm my own harshest critic - if you give me a pinata I'm gonna throw a thrashing FESTIVAL, never mind party! Which is good sometimes - I never want to be cocky and think I'm anything that I'm not. And there are most certainly times where I need a gentle loved one to take me down a notch when I get territorial. 

But tonight, tonight I am trying to remind myself that this is the BEGINNING, that I can't be anyone but the best me that I can be, and that this all will take TIME. And that, in spite of my fluttering little heart, it is nothing but OK.

You may wonder why I'm putting this out there, that it may be a bit too much. I hope you won't, I hope you'll be able to relate in some way to the journey I'm taking. Most of all, I need to write this as a reminder, as a way to make myself accountable, and to (hopefully) look back on one day and smile...

Oh, and my husband happens to a devastatingly attractive and supportive man who's also a Master of Flash ;)

As evidenced by these photos below...


  1. I COMPLETELY relate! thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing hun and you know we all relate in some way!! This is the beginning but a very bright (near) future awaits you, so these little bumps have nothing on you!! Excited for the day you look back and smile! I'll be there, and ya, that may be next week ;D
    For Ross: I am inlove with these images!!! I know they are 2 of many, but can I say that I can't get enough??? You will have to show me more!! I love both, but what I really like about the last one, and this is my interpretation: It is the head of handcrafted man with protuding brows, lips and chin, and I am CRAZY about it!! Wel done O Master of Flash!!

  3. heheheh! love your Rorsharch (spelling?) interpretation!