Friday 15 July 2011

Sneak Peek: Zaria

Gia (Zaria's mom) got hold of me a few weeks ago to volunteer this little munchkin for some photos, and wow! One hour of photo-taking, 150 photos and roughly enough energy to power a small city later, here's a sneak peek of our shoot at Kirstenbosch :) Zaza is AMAZINGLY well-spoken for a 3 year old, man, she puts my English to shame (not that mine has been particularly exemplary these past few weeks!)! Such a perfectly sweet little bundle of girliness :)

More to come by the end of the weekend!

Peek-a-boo - you don't even want to know how fast the shutter speed was to catch her pausing for a second ;)

How GORGEOUS are these curls?!

Fairy skirt :)