Saturday 16 July 2011


I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this little munchkin and her mom Gia at Kirstenbosch, such a little character! 

Here's a selection of some of my favourites from the shoot :)

LOVE the expression in this one - this was about 5 mins after I arrived, she still wasn't entirely convinced at this stage ;)

How's this for expression right?!

Little girl tutu...

Bouncy, springy, glorious CURLS!

Such a little madam ;)

This poor umbrella really was rather worse off by the end of it all.

Shmodel look much!

Classic little girl :)

Nonchalance at its best.

Fairy princess.


A brief cuddle with mom.

Lipgloss check.

Balancing act ;)

Zaria's reaction to a spider in the tree - smart girl!!

Consoled by mom :)

This was so cute - she jumped off the bench and twisted her ankle, so shouts 'Mom! I hurt my skeleton!!!'

Loved the tulle and denim combo :)

We got a lesson in how to blow bubbles ;)

Loving mom.

At this stage we were playing 'bird' which involved Gia chasing Zaza, and then her defending her 'food store' from me - oh yeah, I got to be the baddie! ;)

You've raised a gorgeous daughter Gia!


  1. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Photos Tiff!!! I think each 1 of them captures ZaZa so beautifully! I LOVE the one if the 2 of us running ... it has SO much energy in it! I can't wait to get the CD with ALL of them on! You are VERY talented! (I can't take credit for raising a gorgeous child ... But Thank you for the compliment to her). Thank you for your time and warmth. Gia and ZaZ

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing compliments Gia! It was such a pleasure photographing her - I am so glad that I was able to catch snippets of 'her' for you to treasure :) xx

  3. Crazy about this shoot Tiffs, again I see your passion through your photos and in your observing nature!! These are beautiful, I can't say enough!!!