Tuesday 12 July 2011

Maddison Rose Preston

You won't have forgotten this sweet little girl in a hurry right?! Well, turns out that once I sat down to edit her pics, I didn't get up until they were done ;). So here is a selection of my favourites from the day!

She is the most precious baby, and her parents are the best Mommy & Daddy possible to her - even I shed a few tears of joy and pride in her loveliness whilst editing these!

Hope you enjoy them - I've discovered I love photographing babies!

Gorgeousest baba ever! Yup, it's a word now ;)

Baby bums are so cute!


Mini-human parts :) how precious are those lippies?!

Baba cocoon.

Maddison's first Ugg boots ;)

Oh, I love this one!

This is what love looks like!


Doting Mommy & Daddy.

Proud parents.


Candy painted this mural, it's so beautiful and touching...

This nursery has SERIOUS attention to detail!

Flowers and balloons for the happy occasion!

Hehe, love this!

Gorgeous heart detail.


Cuddling with Mommy...


Lovely light detail.


So excited to watch this little girl grow up and the joy she's sure to bring to her dear mom & dad and loved ones!!

*edited to add*

If you want to see a slideshow of the pics, go here:

Maddison Rose Preston


  1. She is GORGEOUS ... your photos are amazing ... it really captures that new born miracle!!!

  2. You are incredibly talented!! I love these so much, and LOVE the pic you love too, but am nuts about them all and love your take on baba's bit - lippies and all!! Well done hun! You're amazing!!!

  3. Thanks lovely! Baby's have the cutest 'bits' to capture - everything is perfect, just in miniature :)