Tuesday 26 July 2011

Kelly Moore | B-Hobo

Now, you gotta admit, that when the Americans decide to do something, they do it good and proper! After hunting around for a suitable bag for all my camera gear, I settled on a rather large ThinkTank, which very effectively contains and protects my beloved Canon equipment. But, problem is, one doesn't exactly sling said bag over shoulder every time one exits the house, being bulky and very un-subtle. So I started looking for a smaller bag to hold a body and maybe a lens or two. Problem being that most bags available scream 'camera bag!' and often are decidedly hideous.

Imagine my rapture then when I stumbled upon Kelly Moore's site!! Go and have a look and drool over the gorgeousness that is her 'camera handbags'. A handbag specially padded and designed to contain camera gear whilst looking just like an ordinary stunning handbag! I fell in love ;) And hubby was wonderful enough to get me the 'B-Hobo' model for my birthday! This handbag is perfect - it can hold my camera with a standard lens attached, as well as my other odds and ends :). Now when I leave the house with my camera, it's in style...

LOVE how it came packaged - even the box is pretty! And it comes with a special protection bag :)

Fantastic attention to detail.

Yeah, it'll do ;)

It feels like an old friend already :)


  1. You know I want one!!!!!! Love these shots!! (Now I want one MORE!!!)

  2. Apologies for the infection, but she really is LOVELY :)