Tuesday 26 July 2011


So I realise I am fantastically spoilt :). Got one of these and the item you'll see in the next blog post from my AWESOME hubby! 

If you haven't looked at Shootsac's site, go check it out! It's basically a lens 'holster' type bag, for holding your lenses within easy reach for quick changes whilst shooting. So not only is it going to keep my lenses happy and safe, it's also gorgeous! Hubby was non-too-impressed when he found me practicing my lens 'quick change'...something about damaging the clip-on mechanisms.... Blah. 

LOVED the box it came in - no doubt as to what it contains!

Sucker for detail, love the little metal bits and the quality of the materials is A-grade!

Working it out ;)

Snug, safe, happy lenses :)


  1. Yum!!! If these were edible Tiffs!!! Im a sucker for detail too and love the way you captured it!!!

  2. Thanks hun! Really is one of the 'best-made' products I've seen in yonks :)