Monday 25 July 2011

Shanley | Bachelorette's | Buena Vista Stellenbosch

The second part of the pre-wedding festivities involved a chilled evening of cocktails at Buena Vista with some of Shan's younger lady friends :)

Another cracker of a CT sunset :)

I love the moodiness of the interiors at Buena Vista - begs for high ISO!

The comment for this one was 'Well, I guess this is the only way we're getting group shots with Tiffs from now on!' ;)

How gorgeous are these textures?!

These ladies are awesome!

Part of the vibe for the evening was that we each got a long-stemmed rose with a question about Allan attached. If Shan got it right, she got the rose :)

Beautiful Shan! And sparks ;)

Yeah, she should quit OT and take up modeling! ;)

Pensive and gorgeous :)


  1. Yes, these are stunning!!!! I love your decor shots, always such a different take on things!! And your repotage style, Im crazy about it!!