Monday 25 July 2011

Shanley | Kitchen Tea | Sunbird Lodge

Having shared Shan & Allan's wedding, I thought it would be nice for ya'll to see a snippet of the pre-wedding festivities.

For Shan's Kitchen Tea, myself and two of our other friends planned the lineup of activities, with the whole family pitching in to help set up, do eats etc. Shan's cousin, Sherryn, and I went to 'kidnap' her from home, and took her blindfolded through to the venue :)

Without sharing too much, it was a lovely evening of visiting, and a LOT of present-opening!

Hope you enjoy the pics :)

We went with a vintage-ey vibe for the decor and flowers :)

There was a fair pile of prezzies ;)

Shan's reaction to being kidnapped ;)

Shan & Sherryn :)


The beautiful blanket that our friend Robyn made for Shan :)

The final presentation of the blanket by Jes, MC extraordinaire!

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  1. Your product shots always get me!! Love it!! Love the one of Shan's reaction (looks like she not only was kidnapped but put behind bars in your composition) absolutely love how you did those 2! XX